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The new TojikInfo online database is now available in the Russian and English languages to improve access to key socio-economic indicators

Dushanbe, 19 March 2014 - The Agency on Statistics under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan with support of UNICEF launches the new TojikInfo online database.  Its intention is to improve access to the key socio-economic data in a more user-friendly manner to promote evidence-based policy and decision-making.

TojikInfo is a country adaptation of DevInfo database software. DevInfo is a royalty-free tool endorsed by the United Nations Development Group that allows accessing data on human development in just a few clicks. It is a programme of support to UN member states that focuses on promoting the use of national statistics in evidence-based policy and planning dialogues at the global, regional, national and sub- national levels.

The new TojikInfo database contains 184 indicators across 28 topics and 8 sectors such as demography, economy, education, health, nutrition, child protection, water and sanitation and communications. Data are disaggregated by geographical areas – rural/urban, as well as regional and district depending on their availability.

Built on DevInfo 7, TojikInfo database  provides a method to organise, store and display data in a uniform format and has  customizable visualization tools that can be used to create, download and share tables, graphs, maps and other visual outputs for inclusion in reports, presentations and other advocacy or planning materials.

The TojikInfo database can be used as a tool for monitoring national human development and a number of the Millennium Development Goals indicators, as well as for tracking the realization of children’s rights and wellbeing in Tajikistan.

The TojikInfo database is an indispensable tool for analysis, research and advocacy and can serve policy makers and development workers to make more informed data-driven decisions in their pursuit of a more prosperous Tajikistan .


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