Children with disabilities attend vocational training at UNICEF-supported centre

Mohammad, 15, makes accessories following vocational training in a UNICEF-supported centre for youth with disabilities.

Lina Alqassab
a child with disability making accessories
UNICEF/Syria 2017/Lina Al-Qassab
05 June 2018

Muhammad is the middle son of a family with limited income from Kafr sneef village in rural Tartous. He lives with a complex impairment due to anoxia neonatorum, which means he is mute, deaf, has chorea, in addition to cognitive and spiritual retardation. His doctor explained the medical term to be “lack of spiritual motor development”. Muhammad’s father, being the only bread winner in the family, is obsessed with his worry about the future of his son after his death.

In its quest to better include people with special needs and support them to reach their full potential, UNICEF runs vocational training for adolescents with special needs. One example is the work of Hope “Amal” project supported by ADAP and CP programs in Mashta Al Helow, rural Tartous. Everyday Muhammad goes to the UNICEF supported center in Mashta al Helow, and participates in educational and recreational activities. Two months ago, he also enrolled in vocational training on accessories making, when his competency stood out.

To adopt his talent and meet the target of vocational training, Muhammad was supported to make a special collection which was marketed in his village, successfully finding its way to the local market, which gave Muhammad much support, and his family some peace of mind about his future.

UNICEF/ Syria 2018/ Lina Alqassab