Cash transfer programme for children with disabilities 2019

Cash transfer programme for children with disabilities in Rural Damascus and Tartous governorates 2019

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In 2016, UNICEF Syria, in coordination with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, launched an innovative humanitarian Cash Transfer Programme targeting children with severe disabilities. The programme combines regular cash transfers with case management services with the aim to address both economic and social vulnerabilities of children with disabilities and maximize their inclusion in the available services through activating referral mechanisms.

Since the inception of the programme in November 2016, UNICEF has reached over 15,000 children with severe disabilities across six governorates in Syria. As part of its multi-layer monitoring exercise, UNICEF conducts periodic monitoring surveys at a minimum of two points during the course of the implementation of the programme to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the programme from the beneficiaries’ perspective and to record any changes in key well-being variables at the household and child levels.

This report presents results of two rounds of Monitoring Surveys that were conducted in Rural Damascus and Tartous governorates in September 2018 and January 2019.

The findings of the surveys suggest that the programme had some important positive effects on the well-being of the children and their families. The households’ investment in education and health of their children with disabilities increased after the cash assistance.

Over 40 per cent of the households reported that the cash transfer has helped them meet the basic needs of their children with disabilities to a ‘significant’ level. This figure stood at 22 per cent earlier in the programme, which might point to the cumulative effect of a regular cash transfer over time on the households’ well-being.  

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