2022 Budget Brief

The 2022 State Budget in Syria

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This brief provides an analysis of the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic’s approved budget estimates for the 2022 fiscal year, with a particular focus on sectors that matter most for children, namely education, health, water and sanitation, and social affairs.

The objectives of the brief are to (i) synthesize complex budget information so that it is easily understood by different stakeholders; (ii) analyse the size and composition of budget allocations to sectors that matter most for children in the current fiscal year and compare them with previous years; and (iii) present key messages and recommendations for the attention of the Government and the international community.

The brief calls upon the Government to protect from budget cuts the allocations to sectors that matter most for children and to publish more and better budget information. It also calls on the international community to increase international assistance for children in Syria. In addition, it calls upon the need to adapt the nature of international assistance to the reality on the ground after 11 years of conflict and invest in the early recovery of essential social sectors.

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