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Child protection

Child poverty and disparities in Swaziland
2009 - UNICEF conducted a national study on child poverty and disparities among children in Swaziland. The study is the first of its kind for the country and serves to fill in knowledge gaps on patterns of poverty among children.

10 Things everyone should know about violence against children and young women in Swaziland
2008 - The brief asks and answers 10 important questions about violence against children in Swaziland. The questions seek to inform and engage all sectors of Swazi society so that the nation can break the silence around violence against children.

Violence against children in Swaziland
2007 - Findings from a National Survey on Violence Against Children in Swaziland. The survey focused on sexual violence against female children between the ages of 13 and 24.

A National study on Violence Against Children and Young Women in Swaziland
2007 - Violence against children is a significant global health and human rights problem, and a growing concern in sub-Saharan Africa. This report focuses primarily on sexual violence against female children.

Assessment of Alternative Care for Children without Parental Care
2007 - The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare embarked on an assessment of alternative care facilities for children. This assessment will form the basis from which to establish national standards and guidelines.

Lihlombe Lekukhalela: A shoulder to cry on
2007 - A community driven child protection initiative supported by UNICEF in response to the worsening situation of child abuse in Swaziland.

National Plan of Action for Orphans and Vulnerable Children
2006 - The 2006-2010 Action Plan is a road-map of Government's plans to provide a supportive environment for children, including the large numbers of orphans and vulnerable children affected and infected by HIV and AIDS.

Neighbourhood Care Points
2006 - Making orphaned and vulnerable children visible by creating awareness about their needs among community members, service providers, national leaders, civil society and international donors.

Report on the Assessment of Neighbourhood Care Points
2006 - An assessment of Neighbourhood Care Points in Swaziland which, among other things, identifies specific results arising from the interventions, in terms of health, nutrition, access to education and psychological well-being of the OVCs they serve.

Lihlombe Lekukhalela (A shoulder to cry on) - Report
2005 - An assessment of the strengths and constraints of the 'Lihlombe Lekukhalela' initiative, and the impact on children in the communities.

The Rapid Assessment Analysis and Action Planning Process (RAAAP) for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children
2004 - The Rapid Assessment Analysis and Action Planning Process for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children.



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