Child protection

Safety Nets for Child Protection


Safety Nets for Child Protection

In 2010 the Safety nets programme focused on consolidating efforts initiated over the past four years towards the creation of an enabling environment for the fulfillment of children's rights through supporting efforts towards legislative reform, ratification and domestication of child friendly international instruments and enforcing the child protection systems.

Efforts to scale up service delivery to reach the most vulnerable children included operationalizing the new legislation and policies through strategic plans, guidelines and standards (NPA for Children 2011-2015, Social Development Strategic Plan 2011-2015, Guidelines and Standards for Alternative Care, Strategy and Actions on Violence against children).

Leveraging resources was an integral part of the strategy for enhancing the implementation of the Children's Policy through the NPA for Children, Social Welfare Policy and the new NCP Vision to scale up service delivery at national, regional and community levels

Future work plan for 2011-2012

  • Assess existing child protection and social welfare systems and support reform processes to address identified gaps in line with the UNCRC and other international standards.
  • Support Government to coordinate the implementation and monitoring of the National Plan of Action for children, the new NCP strategy and the Social Development Strategic Plan, adopting “Systemic Approaches to Social Welfare and Child Protection”.
  • Support the development of a National Action Plan for the prevention and management of violence against children, and strengthen capacities to respond at all levels.



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