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Free primary school becoming a reality in Swaziland
ENTFUBENI, Swaziland, 14 May 2010 At sundown, Thulani Gama tells his 10-year-old twin siblings to collect firewood while he grinds corn for their supper. At sunrise, he wakes the twins and tells them to wash. Without breakfast, all three children begin their hour-long walk to school in rural Swaziland.


Working to protect children from violence and physical abuse in Swaziland
Swaziland, 26 May 2010 -- Three years ago, a massive survey supported by UNICEF and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed an alarming level of sexual and physical abuse among girls in Swaziland. As many as one in three girls surveyed reported a history of abuse.


Children affected by HIV and AIDS in Swaziland
Dr Jama Gulaid, UNICEF Representative in Swaziland, talks about how the country's 26 per cent HIV prevalence rate is impacting on children already severely affected by poverty, recurrent drought and food insecurity.


UNICEF: Swazi Children Care Project


"It's Time to Draw the Line" - Swaziland
Join UNICEF's fight against HIV/AIDS and help us draw the line on the epidemic! Each year, more than 2.5 million people are newly infected with HIV, of which 40 per cent are estimated to be among young people.


Long Way Down - Children's Corners in Malawi
For the Long Way Down Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman have travelled from John O'Groats, Scotland, down through Africa to the most southern point of South Africa -- Cape Agulhas. As with the Long Way Round, they stopped off along the way to visit UNICEF projects to raise awareness and funds for children. The final UNICEF visit for Ewan and Charley was to Chimteka, a community-based child care centre which helps to care for children who have been orphaned because of AIDS.


Charley Boorman visits a mother with HIV and her baby
Charley Boorman, Ewan McGregor's companion on the Long Way Round and Long Way Down, visits a mother Fikile with her baby, Siwelile in Swaziland who has just had some test results back from the clinic. Fortunately it is good news, Siwelile was born free from HIV



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