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Press releases 2008

Protection for sexual offense victims in Swaziland
MBABANE, Swaziland, 30 December 2008 – In response to concern about the alarming rates of violence against children documented in a 2007 national study conducted by UNICEF and the US Centers for Disease Control, Swaziland has established its first Sexual Offenses Unit for children and young people.

Swazi citizens and royalty stand together to lend support for mothers who breastfeed
MANTAMBE, Swaziland, 6 August 2008 – Swaziland’s strongest citizens stood up for its most vulnerable ones for the launch of World Breastfeeding Week. Wife to the Swazi King, Inkhosikati LaMbikiza, kicked off the seven-day celebration designed to raise awareness on the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding and to encourage greater support for mothers who choose to breastfeed their children.

Swazis ‘Walk the Nation’ to support HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention
MANKAYANE, Swaziland, 14 March 2008 – Andreas Simelane, at 63, was the oldest amongst the nearly 2,000 participants in ‘Walk the Nation’, a 12-day journey across the tiny mountain Kingdom of Swaziland. Carried out in hopes of spreading a message of hope, awareness and dignity for people living with HIV and AIDS, the walk concluded yesterday.

Young people embark on first-ever walk across Swaziland to raise HIV awareness
MBABANE, Swaziland, 4 March 2008 – Early morning sunshine greeted more than 100 Swazis and four cabinet ministers who had gathered just inside the border gate separating the Kingdom of Swaziland from Mozambique.



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