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UNICEF Swaziland/2011/Fesser

UNICEF Irish National Committee supports Swaziland Group Against Abuse in the opening of a Child-friendly Counselling Centre
1 November 2011 - With financial support from the Irish UNICEF National Committee, Swaziland Group Against Abuse opened a Child-friendly Counselling Centre this week.

UNICEF Swaziland/2011/Fesser

First National Dialogue on Violence against Children in and around Schools
19 October 2011 - The Ministry of Education and Training, with support from non-governmental organisations and UNICEF organised a national dialogue on violence against children in and around schools.

UNICEF Swaziland/2011/Fesser

Global Handwashing Day
On Global Handwashing Day 2011, UNICEF celebrated together with the Swaziland WASH Forum and Clowns Without Borders at Ka-Mkhweli School in Siphofaneni.


Education for peace
Each year, 21 September marks Peace Day; a day for wide-scale community action, and a day for UN agencies and aid organisations to safely carry out life-saving work.

UNICEF Swaziland/2011/Fesser

Siphofaneni school debate championship
Six schools from schools in the Siphofaneni area, in the eastern Lubombo region of Swaziland, this week hosted an enlightening debate on child abuse, crime and HIV

UNICEF Swaziland/Pirozzi

A Swazi story of hope
In September 2009 the Government of Swaziland and UNICEF launched a photographic exhibition in the Mbabane National Library Exhibition Room. See some of the images that were on dislpay.

Sigur Ros

The deserted generation: Swaziland through the eyes of Sigur R’os
In autumn 2006, UNICEF Iceland travelled with the band Sigur Rós to Swaziland to visit UNICEF’s HIV-projects. The journey affected the band and in November they opened a photo exhibition of their photographs from the trip.

"Walk The Nation" and UNICEF Celebrate Swazi Youth
More than 400 people walked 15kms to celebrate the nation's youth and promote HIV awareness and tolerance.

Swazis 'Walk The Nation' to fight HIV
Swazis attend Walk The Nation launch

Birth Registration: Fulfilling a Child's Right to an Identity
UNICEF and the Ministry of Justice embark on birth registration campaign.

Life Skills Through Sport
UNICEF partners with FC Barcelona to provide lifeskills training for children through sport

FC Barcelona President's visit to Swaziland
President Joan Laporta of FC Barcelona visited Swaziland from 4-5 December 2007 to see children's programmes supported by the Barcelona Football Club.

Establishing Schools as Centres of Care and Support for Swazi Children
UNICEF partners with the Ministry of Education to help reduce the impact of poverty, food insecurity and the HIV epidemic.

Strengthening Child Survival in Swaziland
UNICEF's support towards strengthening child survival initiatives in Swaziland

Life's Essentials: Clean Water for Children
Story on how UNICEF and partners are responding to the water and sanitation crisis created by persistent drought.

2007 Fire Disaster
Impact on Swaziland in pictures

2006 -2007 Drought
2006 - 2007 Drought: Impact on Swaziland in pictures

Day of the African Child - 2007
From 13 - 16 June, more than 12,000 Swazi children from accross the country participated in regional celebrations, organised to commemorate the day of the African Child.



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