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The Government of Swaziland - UNICEF 2011-2015 Programme of Cooperation has a bottom-up community focus that seeks to empower communities to protect the rights of children in the face of the devastating effects of the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

HIV and AIDS is rapidly overhauling Swaziland's social safety nets  for children and women, and casting huge numbers of children into situations of unprecedented vulnerability.

Child protection
Child abuse continues to be one of the major obstacles to the realization of child rights in Swaziland. Many people remain uncomfortable broaching the topic and acknowledging it as a reality.

Education and life skills
UNICEF is working with the Ministry of Education to increase access to quality primary education, especially for orphaned and vulnerable children.

Communication and Advocacy for children rights
The situation of children and women continues to deteriorate as a result of the HIV and AIDS scourge. The combined effect of HIV and AIDS, poverty and food insecurity has left many children vulnerable

Child survival and development
The main killers of young children in Swaziland are HIV and AIDS,  followed by neonatal deaths, pneumonia, diarrhoea, and others. Malnutrition contributes to more than half of these deaths.


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