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Swazi faith organisations share plans for 2012

As members of eight Swazi religious organisations hold hands in a band that also includes leaders of civil society organisations, government representatives and members of Swazi parliament, one thing is clear: unity in diversity! Read more>>

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Big day for Swazi children as parliament passes two bills

On Thursday 27 October the country’s lower house of parliament, the House of Assembly, passed the Children’s Protection and Welfare Bill 2010 tabled by Deputy Prime Minister and the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Bill 2009. Read more>>

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Swaziland holds the First National Dialogue on Violence against Children in and around Schools

Away with teachers who abuse children, away!” A passionate Wilson Ntshangase, Minister of Education and Training, chants in front of a packed hall as he makes his feelings known about child abuse. Read more>>     
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Siphofaneni school debate championship

School-community partnership to fight child abuse in Malindza

FC Barcelona funds new laboratory in Swaziland

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UNICEF Irish National Committee supports Swaziland Group Against Abuse (SWAGAA) in the opening of a Child-friendly Counselling Centre

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