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1.4 million children immunized, thanks to Cultural Olympiad partnership

On the way to the Athens Olympic Games, the Greek Cultural Olympiad 2001-2004 is supporting UNICEF’s immunization plus programme with $7 million to protect 1.4 million children from disease.

Beyond the special contribution to children’s health, this outstanding partnership has created a unique and beautiful assortment of greeting cards designed in the inclusive spirit of the Olympic ideal.

The Cultural Olympiad is an initiative of the Greek Ministry of Culture in co-operation with the International Olympic Committee and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

© UNICEF/HQ95-0979/Noorani
A mother holds her baby girl while the child receives a dose of oral polio vaccine at a UNICEF-assisted Expanded Programme on Immunization outreach site during a national immunization day in a village west of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh (1995).

It is an institution created following the decision to hold the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. Its message is “For a Culture of Civilisations,” and its mission is to add a more permanent value to the world of Olympic sports through a series of memorable and visible cultural events and  initiatives, highlighting the universal values of the world’s various civilizations. It therefore aspires to leave behind a growing and continuous, but new, cultural perspective and dimension to the Olympic ideal.

A “Culture of Civilizations” can only be inclusive if it is not limited to the western model of cultural heritage, fine arts, literature and cultural industry. It has to take into account that for the majority of peoples across the world, culture is, above anything else, a struggle for survival itself, a “Culture of Survival.”


© UNICEF/HQ93-0078/Lemoyne
A baby watches a health worker prepare to give him a needle vaccination, at a UNICEF-assisted health clinic in Shia Huang Lou village, Shaanxi province, China (1993).
Recognizing that immunizing children in developing countries has far greater significance than any musical, cinematic or theatrical event, the initiative undertaken by the Cultural Olympiad aims to promote the Culture of Survival. Concurrently, it aims to make the developed world more aware of this need, in the hope that others will follow its international example.



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