Bivalent Oral Polio Vaccines Supply and Demand Update

In 2023, the Global Polio Eradication Initiative and its partners, including UNICEF, vaccinated more than 400 million children through front line health workers, preventing an estimated 650,000 cases of paralyses from polio and saving the lives of up to 60,000 children. Following sustained efforts in immunization against polio through the past three decades, we are now in the final phase towards global eradication of wild polio viruses. The bivalent Oral Polio Vaccine (bOPV) remains crucial in the global mission to eradicate polio. Sufficient vaccines – as well as the resources to administer them to achieve a sufficient level of immunity in the most difficult areas – are vital to make sure that poliomyelitis is eradicated, preventing it from making a return to countries and continents earlier declared free from polio.This market note outlines the global efforts to eradicate polio, with a focus on the status of the demand and supply in the bOPV market with projections towards 2027. Also, it presents some key considerations for the polio eradication endgame, including milestones and timelines of importance for the bOPV market.The key message of the market note is the need for all stakeholders along the vaccine supply chain to take actions and coordinate to mitigate risks, thus maintaining the progress toward polio eradication. Countries are encouraged to waive licensing requirements for bOPV WHO prequalified supply, stock take and plan their forecasts. Manufacturers are encouraged to continue production, considering the projected demand. Finally, all stakeholders are encouraged to support countries and suppliers towards the goal of successful eradication of both wild and vaccine-derived polio strains as soon as possible, to ensure that after cessation we can all sustain a polio-free world.