Traceability and Verification System (TRVST)

Counterfeit and falsified medicines are estimated to cause the death of 169,000 children under 5 every year. This shocking situation is driven by a US$30 billion per year counterfeit and falsified medicines industry in low- and middle-income countries. In response, UNICEF and partners have developed the Traceability and Verification System (TRVST…, Risk of additional harm, As the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines ramped up worldwide, so did the production of counterfeit and falsified vaccines and related supplies. Today, it is estimated that one in ten medical products in low- and middle-income countries are counterfeit or falsified. For the individual child, not only do counterfeit medicines often fail to treat the…, How TRVST works, TRVST relies on a global repository that stores health product information, such as Global Trade Item, serial and batch numbers, as well as production and expiry dates. This data is fed into TRVST by medical product manufacturers. Using a GS1 barcoding technology TRVST allows users – such as health care workers, regulatory authorities and customs…, Benefits of TRVST, The success of the TRVST is contingent on participation by governments as well as on engagement by manufacturers to serialize their products in emerging markets and register them in the global repository. As vaccine manufacturers and Strengthening national supply chains national supply chain and regulatory systems begin to automatically integrate…, Expanding TRVST, While COVID-19 vaccines were the first products covered by TRVST, it has since been expanded to include childhood vaccines, HIV and tuberculosis treatments, reproductive health supplies, anti-malarial items, and a range of essential medicines. By end-2023, nearly ten manufacturers were registering their products in TRVST which includes over 125…, Featured video