Delivering emergency supplies

UNICEF supports children and families affected by conflicts, disease outbreaks and disasters by Responding to emergencies with life-saving supplies mobilizing supplies that range from medical equipment to sanitation kits and temporary learning spaces. While each emergency requires a different response, UNICEF aims to deliver supplies from a…, Photo of the week, UNICEF staff visits IDP tent in Bulengo In February 2024, UNICEF staff visits Bulengo's Internally Displaced Person site in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) after the arrival of new families fleeing violence in Sake, in the North Kivu province. Across the country, 26.4 million people, including 15.4 million children, need humanitarian…, Previous photos, Infant is vaccinated in one of UNICEF supported clinics in Rafah city, south of the Gaza Strip. SoP-UNI498538-2024, Infant is vaccinated in one of UNICEF supported clinics in Rafah city, south of the Gaza Strip, in January 2024., UNICEF/UNI498538/El Baba Children in a temporary classroom installed by UNICEF in Ethiopia. Ethiopia-UNI481383-2023, In November 2023, a temporary classroom installed by UNICEF in one of the camps for displaced people near Debre Birhan, Amhara Region, in northern Ethiopia. Conflicts that have led to mass displacement in norther Ethiopia. Thousands of people are seeking refuge in camps where UNICEF is working to provide water, hygiene and sanitation services., UNICEF/UNI481383/Pouget A truck on the way to deliver UNICEF life-saving supplies to the Gaza Strip. SoP-UNI482826-2023, UNICEF is working incessantly to urgently bring life-saving supplies to the Gaza Strip, where the conflict is having a catastrophic impact on children and families. UNICEF is calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, access to the Gaza Strip and safe movement for humanitarian workers and supplies across the Strip to ensure sustained and…, UNICEF/UNI482826/ malaria vaccines loading Cameroon-UNI474929-2023, On 21 November 2023 in Yaoundé, Cameroon, an airport worker loosens the webbing securing a pallet holding boxes of the world's first WHO-approved malaria vaccine. Shipments of the vaccine, RTS,S, begun with 331,200 doses landing in Cameroon. The delivery was the first to a country not previously involved in the malaria vaccine pilot programme and…, UNICEF/UNI474929/StoryMaxima UNICEF staff while loading supplies Denmark-UNI463043-2023, Loading of several shipments of essential supplies on UNICEF charter flights at the Copenhagen International Airport. These supplies are being airlifted to El Arish, Egypt, close to the Gaza Strip. Children in the State of Palestine face a devastating crisis. UNICEF is shipping life-saving supplies such as thermal blankets, water purification…, UNICEF/UNI463043/Mansour UNICEF staff oversees the supply delivery process and ensures the quality and availability of critical supplies Armenia-UNI444759-2023, UNICEF's Health and Nutrition Programme Associate, Sona Shahbazian, oversees the supply delivery process and ensures the quality and availability of these critical supplies in Armenia., UNICEF/UNI444759/Mahari UNICEF staff offloading a truck carrying emergency supplies Libya-UNI437843-2023, In response to the flooding caused by Storm Daniel, UNICEF and Libyan Red Crescent offload a truck carrying emergency supplies, including UNICEF's hygiene kits, at Om Almomenen School, a school sheltering those affected in Derna, eastern Libya., UNICEF/UNI437843/Altaboli IOM UNICEF staff is packing supplies in response the flooding in Libya Denmark-UNI436082-2023, At UNICEF Global Supply and Logistics Hub in Copenhagen, Denmark, supplies are prepared to be airlifted to Libya in response to the devastating flooding. This first wave of UNICEF’s international deliveries contains over 30 tons of medicines and medical equipment, emergency food rations and water purification tablets to meet the most urgent needs…, UNICEF/UNI436082/Visona A child is being measured with a MUAC tape Mali-UNI430586-2023, In Mali, a child is being measured with a MUAC tape in a tent used as a waiting room for mobile clinic services. Nearly 3,000 displaced people, more than half of whom are children, have fled violence, conflict and food insecurity to find refuge at Bawa IDP sites in the country., UNICEF/UNI430586/N’Daou UNICEF staff and partners travel on a boat with life-saving health supplies Sudan-UNI430082-2023, In Sudan, UNICEF staff and partners travel on a boat with life-saving health supplies to be utilized in the Accelerated Child Survival Campaign supported by UNICEF. More than 1,000 frontline health workers and volunteers delivered a package of health services including measles vaccination, vitamin A supplementation, deworming medicines, treatment…, UNICEF/UNI430082/Mohamdeen A boy fetches drinking water from a tanker Pakistan-UNI404705-2023, In Pakistan, eight-year-old Hasnain fetches drinking water from a tanker provided by UNICEF through its implementing partner Qatar Charity, in a village of Dera Murad Jamali in Nasirabad district. UNICEF is providing safe water to communities affected by floods over the last year., UNICEF/UNI404705/Butt A boy and a girl opening supply packages Syria-UNI322625-2019, Siblings Avrin, 7, and Manan, 6, check out the contents of their winter clothing kit, distributed by UNICEF in Ghernata village, northern rural Aleppo, Syria. Each clothing kit contains a thermal outfit, a winter jacket, a woolen hat, a scarf and gloves, as well as winter shoes, UNICEF/UNI322625/Al-Issa Infant is vaccinated in one of UNICEF supported clinics in Rafah city, south of the Gaza Strip. Children in a temporary classroom installed by UNICEF in Ethiopia. A truck on the way to deliver UNICEF life-saving supplies to the Gaza Strip. malaria vaccines loading UNICEF staff while loading supplies UNICEF staff oversees…, Our emergency response, Featured video, In times of conflict, UNICEF stays, delivers and we do everything in our power to advocate for the protection, safety and rights of all children. We never give up.

Building a supply pipeline amid war

The war in Ukraine has taken an unimaginable toll on children and their families. Almost 1,000 children have been killed or injured, while 5.2 million need humanitarian assistance. The loss and separation of families has caused intense trauma. With the growing needs of children, comes the challenge to send emergency supplies that meets them.…, The evolving needs of children, In March and April, during the early stages of the war, one of the most pressing necessities in Ukraine was winter clothes, as harsh temperatures threatened the well-being of children caught up in the war. In the following months, as summer arrived, different needs emerged and the operation became more complex. Demand was constant for health kits…, Consistency of the most-needed supplies, Originally, UNICEF had a single supply route through Poland into Ukraine, where a warehouse was set up on the grounds of an old chicken factory in Lviv. The warehouse was to be temporary, but soon turned into a critical piece of infrastructure as the storage and collection point for supplies heading for children and families throughout Ukraine. “…, On the frontline of supply, The supply operation is not just about supplies, but the people that procure, ship and distribute them. UNICEF Supply Division has, since the beginning of the war, been sending warehousing and logistics specialists into Ukraine to support their colleagues to run a fast and efficient supply operation.   "We can’t just think outside the box, we must…

UNICEF’s midwifery and obstetric kits: Ensuring a safe childbirth around the world

Marsolyaire holds her newborn son Moisés Centeno, at the UNICEF-supported Caricuao Children's Hospital in Caracas, Venezuela. Although more women and children are surviving childbirth than ever before, a pregnant woman or newborn still dies every 11 seconds somewhere in the world, mostly from preventable causes.  Mothers often die as a result of…, How the midwifery kit took shape, The The Children and the Nations origins of the midwifery kit date back to the 1950s when Leo Eloesser, an American surgeon who served in China with UNICEF, began to experiment with assembling a range of items that a traditional midwife could take to a woman in labour. Originally these items included a sharp knife, gauze, gloves, plastic sheeting…, Where midwifery and obstetric kits are needed most, A staggering 94 per cent of maternal deaths occur in low- and lower-middle income countries where health systems are fragile, under-resourced and over-stretched - or grappling with a humanitarian emergency. For example, the level of maternal deaths are nearly 50 times higher for women in sub-Saharan Africa, and their babies are 10 times more…, A mother’s story from Venezuela , UNICEF also supplies life-saving obstetric kits for use in complicated deliveries. In 2021, UNICEF delivered 1,689 obstetric kits. The top five recipient countries were: Venezuela, Somalia, Sudan, Liberia and South Sudan.  Like the midwifery kit, the kit consists of different modules containing drugs, equipment and renewable materials that are…, UNICEF standardized kits  , The midwifery and obstetric kits are part of a series of standardized kits developed by UNICEF to meet the various needs of children and their families in vulnerable or under-resourced situations. The kits are an invaluable resource in emergency responses as they can be quickly assembled, shipped and distributed.  Kit components are sourced from…