Enduring humanitarian emergencies

Around the world, children are living through unrelenting emergencies that have been ongoing for years, and in some cases, even decades. Their lives have been turned upside down by conflicts, food insecurity and the escalating realities of climate change, forcing them to leave their homes. On World Refugee Day, we look at some of the most…, A child rights crisis in Afghanistan, A girl sitting on packs with hygiene products procured and distributed by UNICEF. In Yzad province, Iran, an Afghan refugee child receives hygiene supplies procured and distributed by UNICEF. A severe humanitarian emergency, driven by an unstable political landscape and children’s lack of access to nutrition, education and protection, has forced…, Drought in the Horn of Africa, Using a mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) tape, a health care worker measures the arm of a baby who is on the lap of her mother. At Higlo IDP site in Ethiopia, where thousands of drought-affected people are living, a health worker measures the arm of a child to assess his nutrition level. Five successive failed rainy seasons in the past three…, Migration across Mexico, A child girl receives a health check-up. In Tapachula, Chiapas – a town bordering Mexico and Guatemala – a child receives a health check-up. Every day, migrants and asylum seekers from South and Central America arrive in Tapachula, fleeing violence, poverty and lack of opportunities. Many decide to travel onward to the United States. UNICEF…, Fleeing a human rights disaster in Myanmar, Baby Riazur, living in a Rohingya refugee camp in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, receives his routine vaccines from UNICEF-supported community health volunteers. In 2023, UNICEF will continue working to reach 115,000 Rohingya refugee children and host community children in need of immunization services, and 655,000 children that require an education,…, Conflict in Yemen, A girl sitting on the floor beside her mother and showing a box showing the UNICEF logo in Arabic. Five-year-old Saiba and her mother Taiseer Jamel receive hygiene supplies in Abyan, Yemen. Five-year-old Saiba and her mother Taiseer Jamel receive hygiene supplies in Abyan, Yemen, where thousands of internally displaced persons are living. In Yemen…, Supply response to large displacements of people, Explore a geographic overview of some of the major crises of 2022 that were marked by the extensive uprooting of populations, with a glimpse into the priorities and focus of UNICEF’s supply response for children and families. Hover the mouse over the location icons for more information., More to explore, Igor Peftiyev, Contracts Officer at UNICEF Supply Division, in Copenhagen, tells about the war in Ukraine, his home country, and highlights the vital role that UNICEF plays in the protection of children and their families affected by the conflict.