Ethics in UNICEF supply operations

Our ethical culture is established and applied in procurement activities, in order to protect accountability, integrity, fairness and transparency across our supply chains. We expect our supply partners to respect and commit themselves to UNICEF ethical values and policies when conducting business with us. UNICEF has a zero-tolerance policy toward…, Integrity, UNICEF suppliers shall operate in accordance with the highest standards of integrity, including honesty, truthfulness and fairness. They must maintain an objective and independent attitude, avoid conflicts of interest and engage only in fair trade.  , Accountability, transparency and fairness, UNICEF suppliers shall be accountable for the proper discharge of their functions, their decisions and actions. Suppliers are expected to participate in procurement processes in a manner that is transparent, fair and accountable; and their own corporate procurement activities must be in compliance with UNICEF ethical values and principles., Respect, care and trust, UNICEF suppliers shall respect the human rights, dignity and worth of all persons, and they shall act with understanding, tolerance, sensitivity and respect for diversity without discrimination of any kind. In the early morning, in Mendi, Papua New Guinea, two young children walk to school, one of them with his arm over the other one's shoulders,…, United Nations Supplier Code of Conduct  , The United Nations Supplier Code of Conduct (Code of Conduct) was developed from the core values outlined in the Charter of the United Nations , the principles of the Global Compact and International Labour Organization (ILO) standards . The Code of Conduct provides the minimum standards expected of UN Suppliers during procurement processes. The…, Find out more, The UN strongly encourages all suppliers to actively participate in the Global Compact – a voluntary international network advancing responsible corporate citizenship and universal social and environmental principles. For more information, please visit the Global Compact website. UNICEF considers the impact of businesses on the rights and well-…, Supplier feedback and complaints:, Two dialogue bubbles Your views are important to us and your feedback and complaints are taken seriously at UNICEF. If you have any complaints, please contact UNICEF Supply Division Quality Assurance Centre at E-mail sd.complaints@unicef.org sd.complaints@unicef.org . Illustration representing a computer with the at e-mail symbol Ethical…, More to explore