Major commodity groups

UNICEF procured $2.634 billion worth of goods in 2019. The eight highest value commodity groups and most common items procured within each are listed.

A boy and a girl opening supply packages
25 June 2020
$1.656 billion Vaccines/biologicals

2.43 billion doses of vaccines were procured for 99 countries to reach 45 per cent of the world’s children under five years of age


$180.6 million Nutrition supplies

49,096 tons of ready-to-use therapeutic food, 69 per cent of which was sourced in programme countries

409.7 million vitamin A treatments

56.4 million deworming tablets

553 million sachets of multiple micronutrients powder

652.8 million iron and folic acid tablets


$126.9 million Pharmaceuticals

300 million cotrimoxazole tablets (treats a range of bacterial infections, including pneumonia and bronchitis)

74 million sachets of oral rehydration salts (includes 10.8 million co-packaged ORS/zinc)

34.98 million artemisinin-based combination therapy malaria treatments

27.3 million amoxicillin pneumonia treatments for infants, reaching 38 countries

4 million packs of antiretroviral medicine to treat 190,312 adults and 30,082 children with first-line therapy for one year in 43 countries

2.6 million treatments for seasonal malaria chemoprevention to protect 655,200 children

2.2 million courses of sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine chemoprevention to protect 726,422 pregnant women 


$112.8 million Medical supplies and equipment

70,807 health kits for 57 countries

944.9 million immunization syringes

8.8 million safety boxes

4.9 million HIV rapid diagnostic tests, including 0.6 million HIV/Syphilis Combo diagnostic tests to 15 countries

4.2 million malaria rapid diagnostic tests to 19 countries


$99 million Water and sanitation supplies

459 million water purification tablets and chlorination/flocculation sachets, which could treat 4.51 billion litres of water 2.4 million hygiene kits

$126.9 million pharmaceuticals


$94.1 million Bed nets

48.1 million long-lasting insecticidal nets to 33 countries


$85 million Cold chain equipment

Includes $61.3 million in solar powered systems in 37 countries


$40.9 million Education supplies

148.811 education kits for 57 countries:

  • 95,461 standard classroom kits
  • 33,456 recreation kits
  • 18,674 early childhood development kits 
  • 1,220 country-specific education kits