Vitamin A supplementation market and supply update

An update on vitamin A supply availability and new products, highlighting our efforts to address the product’s recent supply interruptions.


This update provides information for the period 2018-2019 on vitamin A supply, emphasizing new developments in our efforts to address recent vitamin A supply interruptions as well as price increases by global manufacturers.

It highlights some challenges that significantly increased the pricing of active pharmaceutical ingredients and impacted on the price of vitamin A, as well as the efforts UNICEF is undertaking with partners to mitigate these impacts.

Vitamin A deficiency (VAD) is a form of undernutrition that increases the risk of disease and mortality from severe infections, including diarrhoeal disease and measles. VAD is also the leading cause of child blindness and can lead to night blindness in pregnant women. VAD is a concern in many countries, notably in Africa and South-East Asia. A third of young children and pregnant women in low-income countries experience this kind of deficiency.

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