Amoxicillin dispersible tablets market and supply update

An update on amoxicillin dispersible tablets, used in the treatment of children with bacterial pneumonia, highlighting supply and demand across low- and middle-income countries.


Amoxicillin is an effective broad-spectrum antibiotic for use against bacterial infections and especially the treatment of children with bacterial pneumonia. Its supply is sufficient to meet current and anticipated demand. However, its use as first-line treatment for pneumonia in countries with a high-burden caseload remains limited, despite higher effectiveness compared to existing alternative treatments.

In addition, few governments to date have adopted WHO’s recommendations to incorporate amoxicillin DT into their country’s national treatment guidelines and list of essential medicines. UNICEF continues to encourage countries to scale-up use and access to amoxicillin dispersible tablets and to adopt WHO’s treatment guidelines about the product’s inclusion into national essential medicine lists.

This note profiles amoxicillin dispersible tablets (DT) products and describes product availability through UNICEF, summarizing its use under the World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidance for pneumonia treatment.

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