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Supplies and Logistics

Supply Financing Solutions For Children

UNICEF Supply Division procures on behalf UNICEF’s ongoing programmatic activities and also on behalf of governments and other partners. UNICEF works on ensuring the global availability of essential supplies through positively influencing markets including for immunization supplies, essential medicines, water and sanitation, education and other key products.

Financing-related challenges, especially delays in funding availability, are experienced on a recurring basis leading to stock-outs of supplies.  In order to address these financing challenges, UNICEF Supply Division has been working with internal colleagues and external partners to develop solutions for “Secured Financing” which improve timely availability of supplies and their affordability, help expand the fiscal space of the domestic budgetary resources in the Countries where we work, while also supporting the domestic economic development in the countries where we work.

You can find more detail concerning UNICEF Supply Division’s “Secured Financing” solutions in the below resources:

The expansion of the vaccine independence initiative - April 2017

Secured Financing (Supply & Country) – Presentation to the UNICEF Global Management Team - September 2015

Introduction to the Vaccine Independence Initiative (VII) - August 2015



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