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Supplies and Logistics

Vaccine Carriers and Cold Boxes

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Polio teams crossed Indus river on a boat to vaccinate young children in village shah Nawaz, UC Mirzapur, Shikarpur district of Sindh province in Pakistan.

Cold boxes, vaccine carriers and ice packs are used for keeping vaccines cold during transportation. In comparison with cold boxes, vaccine carriers have a smaller volume, suitable for use by health workers during immunization campaigns and out-reach services. As both are passive coolers, ice packs/cool packs are accessories for both cold boxes and vaccine carriers providing cooling energy for a limited time period.

UNICEF exclusively supplies Vaccine Carriers and Cold Boxes that fulfil the minimum quality requirements set by WHO. UNICEF SD procures several standard sizes via Long Term Arrangements (LTA):

  • Vaccine Carrier, small, 0.9 ltrs
  • Vaccine Carrier, large 1-2 ltrs
  • Vaccine Carrier, large >2 ltrs
  • Cold Box, small, short range 5-15 ltrs
  • Cold Box, small, long range 5-15 ltrs
  • Cold Box, large, short range 15-25 ltrs
  • Cold Box, large, long range 15-25 ltrs
  • Ice Packs 0.3 ltrs
  • Ice Packs 0.4 ltrs
  • Ice Packs 0.6 ltrs

 For more Information on Vaccine carriers and Cold boxes available please use the tool below.

Vaccine Carrier / Cold Box selection tool

Download the guideline below.

Vaccine Carriers and Cold Boxes - October 2016 [PDF]

Instuctions for use of Vaccine carriers, Cold boxes and Freeze free devices.

Video for use of Arktek YBC -5 Passive Long term storage device;  

English version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjCwaJt5YJw&t=9s

French version:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1H7fFhp2iTQ



Cold Chain Support Package

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