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RFPS-DHR-2013-80111700 – DEVELOPMENT OF ONLINE JOB SIMULATION AS PART OF UNICEF’S TALENT MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK - Response deadline latest by 16:00 (EST) on 29 October 2013

Eligible and qualified suppliers are encouraged to provide a proposal in response to the attached Request for Proposal of Servicers (RFPS).

Please note response deadline is no later than 29 October 2013.

Click here to open the Scope of Work

Click here to open the UNICEF Competency Framework

Click here to open the RFPS document for delivery of one-on-one coaching services as part of UNICEF’s Talent Management Framework.

Please pay close attention to all the terms and conditions of the RFPS, including the closing date and the process for marking and submitting Proposals.

We are looking forward to receiving your sealed proposal.

Questions about this tender may be sent via e-mail to:

Ms. Carolin Eckert at with CC to Ms. Ly Mac at



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