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Re-advert - LRPS-DSA-2013-9108049 and LRFP-2013-9107919 issued by UNICEF in Sierra Leone in support of the Ministry of Education - Response deadlines are 16 October 2013

The below two (2) Requests for Proposal are re-advertised for the UNICEF office in Sierra Leone.

Eligible and qualified service providers are encouraged to send in their proposals.

Click here to open LRFP-2013-9107919 Revision 1 - Support Establishment of an Annual Human Resources Planning Process for Organisational Change in the Context of Decentralization - response deadline 16 October 2013 

Click here to open LRPS-DSA-2013-9108049 Revision 1 - Design and Conduct National Early Grade Assessments in Literacy and Numeracy - response deadline 16 October 2013 

The attached documents contain all relevant information.



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