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2012 Tender Calendar - Medical Devices and Laboratory Supplies - MAY 2013 UPDATE

UNICEF Supply Division (SD), Medical Unit, procures Medical Devices (equipment & renewable/consumables with exception of devices for immunization), laboratory supplies (equipment & renewable /consumables including blood transfusion supplies) and diagnostics test kits & strips to support its programs worldwide. The Tender Calendar is reflecting the yearly bidding exercise for delivery of goods to the UNICEF Warehouse in Copenhagen and/or directly to countries.

1) The tender calendar is only indicative and may vary substantially from the actual bidding exercise (note: this is updated on a regular basis).

Click here to access the tender calendar.  N.B.  The calendar was updated on 14 May 2013

2) Specifications for items with material numbers are available in the UNICEF online catalogue at

3) UNICEF SD will decide whether to tender for these requirements through a Request For Quotation (RFQ), Invitation To Bid (ITB) or Request For Proposal (RFP).

4) It is UNICEFs prerogative to establish whether any such bidding exercise is to be advertised on the UNICEF website.

5) UNICEF reserves the right to accept or reject any Expression of Interest, to initiate or annul any tender exercise at any time, without thereby incurring any liability nor any obligation to inform any supplier.

6) Suppliers interested in any of the listed bidding opportunities for Medical Devices, Laboratory supplies and/or Diagnostic test kits & strips should verify that they meet the requirements laid out in UNICEFs Technical Provisions:

Click here to access the Technical Provisions for Medical Devices.

7) Suppliers interested in any of the listed bidding opportunities should verify that they meet UNICEF suppliers' selection criteria as laid out in the United Nations Global Marketplace ( as awards will only be made to suppliers whose UNGM application has been approved.

8) Suppliers interested in specific bidding opportunities and meeting minimum requirements as specified under points 6) and 7 should express their interest by sending an e-mail to with clear reference to items and material numbers.



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