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ITB-DAN-2013-18408 for photocopiers for UNICEF globally through direct ordering - response deadline extended to latest by 23:59 hours (Copenhagen time), 25 April, 2013

NB Deadline extended to 25 April 2013

UNICEF wishes to invite bidders for photocopiers which will be supplied to UNICEF globally through direct ordering.

Eligible and qualified institutions are encouraged to download the attached Invitation to Bid (ITB) and follow the instructions for submitting their Bid. All vendors must submit a list of countries or regional headquarters where they operate and can provide service spare parts and supplies for the copiers which will be delivered.

Click here to access the ITB document [PDF].

Click here to open the Specification detils.

Click here to open the Offer form.

Click here to open the Questionnaire.

All relevant information is contained in the attached documents.


Below please find the questions and relevant answers raised by some invitees:

1) UNICEF Supplier Manufacturing Site Questionnaire

All bids must be accompanied by the UNICEF Supplier Manufacturing Site Questionnaire. This questionnaire cannot be replaced by ISO 9001 or other certificates.

2) Machines to be supplied 'pre-installed' or in-site installation


This would be acceptable but the supplier must make sure it is clearly specified in the offer what is included in the price offered and where this service is offered.


3) Catalogue Ordering Solution

Can UNICEF clarify what they are ideally looking for?

We are ideally looking for a catalogue online i.e. a site where all UNICEF country offices can easily get information of what models are available at what prices.

If suppliers cannot offer this, then they can provide a product list with pictures, specifications and prices which UNICEF will publish on its intranet so it is easily available to all UNICEF offices.

Is an on-line ordering system requested?


No, an on-line ordering system is not required nor desirable. UNICEF offices globally will issue hard copy purchase orders to the chosen vendors.

However, payment of invoices is centralised in Supply Division Copenhagen.

4) Submisison Date

Kindly note that it has been decided to extend the deadline for the submission of offers until 25th April 2013 at 23.59 hours (Copenhagen time).



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