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Supplies and Logistics

Supply Highlights

Latest news stories from the UNICEF Supply Division


Press release: Access to basic sanitation still lagging for millions in East and Southern Africa 


RUTF’s effectiveness in fighting malnutrition in India - 6 August

Vanuatu announces drone trial participants to assess vaccine delivery in remote islands - 27 July

'A children's crisis': now 80% of all kids in Yemen are in need - 27 July

New Report Shows 64 Of 195 Countries Aren't Meeting A Basic Vaccination Target - 25 July

Pakistan to launch ‘final push’ against polio - 4 July

WHO declares end to DRC Ebola outbreak - 3 July

Haiti could stem its seven-year-long cholera epidemic by the end of 2018 - 3 July

UNICEF airlifts lifesaving supplies to Yemen - 29 june

UNICEF: Yemen cholera cases surpassed 200,000 - 29 June

Measles vaccination campaign launched in Mogadishu - 21 May

Number of unaccompanied child migrants surged in recent years - 21 May

Scientists are edging closer towards the creation of a vaccine for (HIV) - 20 May

As hopes for polio eradication rise, the endgame gets complicated, and IPV runs short - 19 May

With aid delivery under threat from armed gangs and terrified civilians in hiding, agencies warn that intensifying famine in South Sudan could become unmanageable - 15 March

According to UNICEF, at least 652 children were killed in Syria in 2016, an alarming 20 per cent increase over 2015 - 14 March

Somalia’s hidden famine - 12 March

UNICEF: breakthrough in lowering the price of vaccines to increase access to children - 8 March

UNICEF supports Nigeria in treating child malnutrition in 7 states.

UNICEF helps Philippines to treat malnourished chidren with RUTF - 6 January

A prototype vaccine for Ebola may be “up to 100 percent effective” in protecting against the deadly virus, the World Health Organization said on Dec. 23 - 3 January

Why polio is so hard to beat - 3 January

Yemen's children starve as war drags on - 3 January

Five lessons on scaling education innovations for the most vulnerable children - 2 January


Namibia rolls out HPV vaccine - 13 December

The UN and Red Cross have appealed for civilians to be protected, as fighting in Syria's Aleppo nears its end - 13 December

UNICEF: One child dies every 10 minutes in Yemen - 13 December

Conflict threatens decades of progress for children in Middle East, North Africa – UNICEF - 12 December

Thousands more flee amid ‘scorched earth policy’ in Aleppo; UNICEF says all kids are traumatized - 12 December

In 1955, Jonas Salk famously declined a patent for polio vaccine – but today patents, which incentivise innovation, are leading to costs of vaccines and medicines that are “almost criminally too high” - 11 December

One-quarter of the world's children live in danger zones: UNICEF - 9 December

2016 was ‘one of worst years in history for children’: UNICEF - 8 December

Starvation & the forgotten war: Child malnutrition rates up 200% in Yemen since 2014 - 8 December

UNICEF: No safe place left in Aleppo says - 7 December

EU on the importance of school in emergencies - 7 December

Challenges are innumerable for mothers and babies in UNICEF-supported hospital in Puntland - 7 December

School “as vital as food and medicine” for children caught up in conflict and other emergencies: EU & UNICEF - 6 December

To fight malaria, bed nets are the most important weapon - 5 December

Largest and most advanced HIV vaccine trial to start in South Africa - 27 November

Half a million children live under siege in Syria: UNICEF calls for lifting sieges and allowing humanitarian access - 27 November

12 reasons why procurement is the best job in the world - 25 November

India inaugurates 2-day vaccination programme against cancer - 24 November

WHO and partners immunized over 155 000 migrant children through special vaccination posts in South Sudan - 24 November

Fair vaccine pricing please, not 'random acts of charity' - 23 November

Much has been done on HIV, but challenges remain: UNAIDS report - 23 November

UN calls for urgent action to protect young women from HIV/Aids in Africa - 21 November 

UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake statement on ceasefire agreement in Yemen - 19 November

Back to school in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew - 17 November 

World’s first malaria vaccine set for 2018 rollout in Africa after WHO secures funding - 17 November

WHO study shows LLINs still effective against malaria, but resistance a concern - 17 November

UNICEF leads convoy into Iraq's Mosul with emergency supplies - 16 November

In Kenya, malnourished children are to receive RUTF as part of a UNICEF-supported programme - 16 November

In Pakistan, Health Department purchases RUTF worth Rs42 million through UNICEF - 15 November

UNICEF supports Haiti’s largest ever cholera immunization campaign - 9 November

Combatting severe acute malnutrition in Phnom Penh’s vulnerable communities - 8 November

UNICEF supports Afghanistan in vaccinating 5.6 million against polio - 6 November

UNICEF and partners deliver supplies to displaced children and families in northern Darfur - 6 November

Belize introduces HPV to its national immunization - 5 November

Jan Egeland on saving billions of dollars if we responded to humanitarian crises earlier - 3 November

Western Saharan refugees face looming food shortage, UN agencies warn in appeal for donor support - 2 November

UN warns Yemen is one step away from famine - 1 November

UNICEF continues to work with partners to keep yellow fever at bay in Angola - 31 October

UNICEF and WHO praise Borno’s polio immunization efforts - 26 October

100 tonnes of critical emergency supplies arrive in Haiti on UPS Foundation donated flight - 19 October

Press Release - Supply of children’s five-in-one vaccine secured at lowest-ever price - 19 October

UNICEF initiative to tackle malnutrition - 12 October

UNICEF gets ready to vaccinate 41 million children after polio outbreak in Nigeria - 11 October

UN appeals for $120 Million for Haiti response - 11 October 

Supply of children’s five-in-one vaccine secured at lowest-ever price - UNICEF Press Release - 19 October

Ten countries host more than half of world's refugees, the richest countries need to shoulder more - 5 October

More than 4 million children at risk as Hurricane Matthew pummels Haiti – UNICEF - 4 October

Child starvation in Yemen - 4 October

Nearly a fifth of children in developing countries are living in extreme poverty, the World Bank and the UNICEF say - 4 October

Afghan exodus from Pakistan may have catastrophic humanitarian consequences - 4 October

UNICEF prepares for Category 5 Hurricane Matthew threatening Cuba, Haiti and Jamaica - 3 October

UNICEF and partners provide new arrivals with food, hygiene kits, drinking water and other essentials for displaced families in Mosule - 2 October

WHO declares the Americas measles-free - 28 September

Amid Iraq conflict, WHO and UNICEF support emergency polio vaccination for 15 000 children - 26 September

Two million people without running water in Aleppo - 25 September

UNICEF collaborates with Fiji’s Education Ministry in delivering 57 temporary school tents - 26 September

EPI to take measures for better vaccine coverage - 26 September

UNICEF provides WASH support to Ghana - 24 September

Technology can ensure a vaccinated future for India’s children - 20 September

Aleppo: bringing health and nutrition to threatened children - 19 September

Vulnerable kids everywhere need their vaccines - 15 September

A decade on, vaccine has halved cervical cancer rate - 29 August

UNICEF Calls For Humanitarian Pause in Aleppo - 27 August

Children on the front line of Zika virus vector control in Campina Grande, Brazil - 18 August

UNICEF supports Jordan’s ‘Back-to-School’ campaign for 90,000 young refugees - 17 August

A race against time to stop the spread of polio in Nigeria - 17 August

UN coordinating effort to vaccinate 14 million people in 10 days to stop yellow fever spread - 16 August

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs releases $50 million for six underfunded emergencies - 16 August

Preparing for the deluge, a camp in Iraq is quickly built from scratch - 9 August

UNICEF warns: children are paying the heaviest price in Yemen’s escalating conflict - 9 August

UNICEF warns of catastrophic food insecurity in South Sudan - 6 August

Yellow fever outbreak in Southern Africa: A troubling trend - 5 August110,000 children in Belize affected by Hurricane Earl - 5 August

AVAILABLE NOW: UNICEF 2015 Annual Report highlights continued efforts to provide a fair chance for every child - 30 July

UN-supported refugee athletes set out for Rio Olympic Games - 28 July

Twelvefold increase in Zika cases since Ecuador earthquake - 19 July

UNICEF: 134 Nigerian children could die every day from malnutrition  - 19 July

UNICEF: 11 people have died in a suspected cholera outbreak in South Sudan - 19 July

UNICEF Nigeria on scaling up the effort against severe acute malnutrition to save lives of affected children - 15 July

UNICEF rushes supplies to UN displacement site in Juba - 13 July

In praise of UNICEF Supply Division's warehouse operations - 11 July

WHO leads yellow fever vaccination of 15 million people in Angola and Democratic Republic of the Congo - 7 July

UN plans unprecedented cholera vaccination campaign in Haiti - 5 July

Delivering aid a challenge in face of violence, disease and hunger in Central African Republic - 4 July

UNICEF launches measles campaign  targeting 13,000 South Sudan children displaced by violence in Wau - 3 July

Gastroenteritis outbreak: UNICEF distributes hygiene kits to schools in the Philippines - 2 July

The simple joy of the foot ball - 2 July

UN fund releases $13m for internally displaced persons in North East Nigeria - 2 July

Lake Chad conflict affecting 9 million people remains vastly underreported - 30 June

UN launching yellow fever vaccination campaigns on Angola-DRC border - 29 June

WHO prequalifies two innovative technologies for early infant diagnosis of  HIV - June 2016

Angola: personal impact of UNICEF delivered LLIN's - 21 June

Fighting in Syria puts vaccination campaign at risk - 2 June

UNICEF reports Falluja children face extreme violence - 1 June

New and old vaccines still out of reach for many - 26 May

New data visualization platform identifies shortfalls in vaccine introduction and coverage - 25 may

GAVI Alliance provides massive supply of YFV to Uganda in support of immunization campaign - 9 May

Funding shortfall for the Measles & Rubella Initiative put 40 million children at risk - 28 April

Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV) introduced in Nigeria - 27 April

UNICEF infographic on vaccine effectiveness - 26 April

UNICEF distributes water purification tablets in regions hardest hit by the earthquake in Ecuador - 17 April

UNICEF Angola: yellow fever outbreak directly attributable to sharp drop in health funding - 13 April

UNICEF ready to respond to Myanmar earthquake - 13 April

UNICEF supports polio & vitamin A campaign in Sudan - 13 April

900 children killed during Yemen civil conflict in 2015 - 11 April

UNICEF & WFP step up efforts to support severe drought affected communities in Somaliland and Puntland  - 11 April

New York Times reports on the worldwide switch to bivalent Oral Polio Vaccine – 11 April

UNICEF on World Water Day: climate change and poor sanitation threaten water safety for millions - 21 March

Pneumococcal vaccine has halved the number of incidents of pneumonia in African children under two years old - 16 March 

El Nino drought creates food and malnutrition crisis in Zimbabwe - 15 March

Rotavirus vaccine: how do we improve effectiveness in developing countries - 15 March

Malawi tests first unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs) flights for HIV early infant diagnosis - 14 March

Five years of conflict in Syria: one in three children have never known peacetime - 14 March

Cyclone Pam: Vanuatu one year on - 13 March

WHO prioritizes vaccines, diagnostics for Zika R&D - 9 March

Pneumonia vaccine cuts rate of disease among African children in half - 7 March

In praise of the MUAC tape - 5 March


3 million Sudanese children suffering from severe acute malnutrition - 16 August

Better immunization data increase coverage to 90% in Tanzania’s newborns -15 August

UNICEF calls for $9.2 million USD for children affected by Myanmar floods, as supplies arrive - 7 August

Three months on from first Nepal quake, children still at risk - 25 July

Amid conflict in Yemen, UNICEF helps get children back to learning - 24 July

WHO/UNICEF guidance on how to prioritize globally constrained BCG vaccine supply to countries - 22 JulyCholera vaccine could speed global control efforts - 8 July

UNICEF prepositions emergency supplies to counter drought threats to DPR Korea children - 8 July

Research study confirms growth in health cold chain market in developing countries - 8 July

Bhutan introduces injectable inactivated polio vaccine - 7 July

Millions of children in war-torn Yemen at risk of disease and malnutrition - 30 June

LIBERIA: UNICEF, USAID, MOE To Distribute School Materials - 30 June

Easier-to-to take medicine will save more children from HIV and AIDS - 30 June

Iraq violence hits children the hardest: meeting needs in health, education, water in peril as funding falls short - 30 June

Gavi to step up engagement with countries preparing for transition from Vaccine Alliance support - 11 June

New formulation of HIV treatment to save more children’s lives - UNICEF and UNAIDS - 5 June

Nepal earthquake: race against time to get children back to school - 31 May

Gavi to step up engagement with countries preparing for transition from Vaccine Alliance support - 11 June

New formulation of HIV treatment to save more children’s lives - UNICEF and UNAIDS - 5 June

Nepal earthquake: race against time to get children back to school - 31 May

Nepal Earthquakes: One month on from first quake, malnutrition a growing threat for children - 25 May

UNICEF publishes pricing overview on Solar Direct Drive (SDD) refrigeration systems - 12 May

UNICEF-EU partnership airlifts emergency supplies - 4 May

UNICEF prepares for Typhoon Maysak (local name Chedeng) - 1 April

Children go back to school in Vanuatu - 31 March

UNICEF continues to offer vital aid to children in Yemen - 29 March

A community bores deep for water, in Democratic Republic of the Congo - 20 March

Measles prevention campaign underway in Vanuatu, amid fears of disease outbreak - 17 March

Amid conflict in South Sudan, 400,000 children will go back to school - 19 Feb

Ukraine: United Nations delivers 62 metric tons of humanitarian aid to Donetsk - 19 Feb

Schools to reopen in Liberia after 7-month closure due to Ebola - 13 Feb

UNICEF to assist Kyrgyzstan in procurement and delivery of high-quality vaccines against measles - 30 Jan

UNICEF launches US$3.1 billion appeal to reach more children in emergencies - 29 Jan

UNICEF provides a technical and supply information note for Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMR) vaccine - 29 Jan

UNICEF emergency supplies flown in as crisis worsens in Darfu - 28 Jan

UNICEF relief supplies for Malawi flood Victims land in Lilongwe - 22 Jan

Learning by doing – the design and construction of Community Care Centres (CCCs) - 13 Jan

UNICEF helps restart measles immunizations in Ebola-hit countries - 9 Jan

UNICEF, partners, and PPE industry closing the supply gap and reducing prices - 5 Jan

UNICEF helps restart measles immunizations in Ebola-hit countries - 9 Jan

UNICEF, partners, and PPE industry closing the supply gap and reducing prices - 5 January 2015

Back to school in Central African Republic - 2 Jan


Integrity and rigour at UNICEF’s Conakry warehouse: Meet Saran Sidibé, UNICEF’s warehouse assistant in Conakry - 30 Dec

Central African Republic: Two out of five children without vital aid - 17 Dec

Central African Republic: Two out of five children without vital aid - 17 Dec

Donated flight carrying over 70 MT of #Ebola supplies arrived in Sierra Leone to help support the #EbolaResponse - 16 Dec

To boost fight against Ebola and strengthen community-based services for the future, UNICEF raises appeal to US$500 million - 12 Dec

Côte d’Ivoire Launches Giveaway of 13 Million Nets to Fight Malaria - 10 Dec

To boost fight against Ebola and strengthen community-based services for the future, UNICEF raises appeal to US$500 million - 12 Dec

Côte d’Ivoire Launches Giveaway of 13 Million Nets to Fight Malaria - 10 Dec

6 Amazing Ideas That Save The Lives Of Millions Of Children - 4 Dec

Largest ever vaccine shipment arrives in Pakistan - 1 Dec

Innovation can drive change for most disadvantaged children - UNICEF Report - 20 Nov

In Sierra Leone, bringing isolation closer to home - 20 Nov


Activate Talk: The Future of Product Innovation - 19 Nov

Ebola puts humanitarian supply chains to the test - 17 Nov

Ten Ebola Community Care Centers to open in Bombali district, Sierra Leone - 14 Nov

Battle against Ebola being waged at community level: UNICEF - 13 Nov

Can innovation help stop children dying from pneumonia? - 12 Nov

Massive UNICEF shipments of supplies to fight Ebola reach 3,000MT mark - 07 November

Emergency health equipment flown to Guinea under UNICEF-EU partnership - 29 October

Health supply chains need an increased focus on human resources to meet global health emergencies - 29 October

New study proves combination of OPV and IPV could hasten the end of polio - 21 August

Yazidi refugees in Syria: lifesaving UNICEF supplies delivered - 13 Aug

UNICEF Steps up Humanitarian Response in Northern Iraq - 12 Aug

UNICEF supplies help overburdened children’s hospital in Bangui - 12 Aug

Amid huge challenges, UNICEF and WHO launch polio campaign in Iraq - 11 Aug

UNICEF Back-to-School Guide: Evidence-Based Strategies to Resume Education in
Emergencies and Post-Crisis Transition - 11 Aug

2013 International Drug Price Indicator Guide Now Available - 30 July

UNICEF and WFP stepping up assistance to desperate people in remote areas of South Sudan - 8 July

UNICEF reaches displaced children in Iraq's Sinjar Province - 2 July

UNICEF and EU improve access to safe water for 800,000 people in Bangui - 1 July

UNICEF responds to floods in Paraguay - 1 July

UNICEF delivers 1 million polio vaccines to Kurdistan - 30 June

UNICEF scales up humanitarian assistance to displaced Iraqi children - 24 June

UNICEF Steps Up Lifesaving Interventions, Supplies in North-East Nigeria - 20 June

Turkey’s polio immunization campaign reaches children in Istanbul - 15 June

UNICEF provides a revised supply update for inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) - 14 May

UNICEF profiles its view of the current Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs) market and recent developments - 14 May

Preventing malaria, one net at a time - 24 April

Girl, 3, Led Her Blind Father On Foot For 4 Hours To Get Supplies In War-Torn South Sudan - 24 April

Response teams rush to treat rising malnutrition in South Sudan - 23 April

UNICEF supports emergency response for children in Sudan with 89 tons of life-saving supplies - 18 April

Broken by Typhoon Haiyan, the cold chain gets up and running again - 11 April

India declared polio-free - 27 March

South Sudan: Relief Supplies reach remote Akobo, with joint operation by UNICEF and WFP - 28 March

UNICEF helps meet the critical water, sanitation & hygiene needs of conflict-affected communities in Syria - 25 March

UNICEF supplies 150,000 mosquito nets in Bangui as rainy season approaches - 14 March

Syria agrees greater access for aid supplies: UNICEF - 14 March

UNICEF to turn-over immunization equipment to PH gov’t in Tacloban City - 14 March

Lowest-ever prices for polio vaccines - 12 March

Central African Republic: Drinking water restored to over 183,000 people ahead of the rainy season - 5 March

In areas of Indonesia hit hard by the 2004 tsunami, investment in children’s resilience yields long-term results - 4 March

Delivering mosquito nets to protect displaced children from malaria in the Central African Republic - 3 March

Polio immunization campaign in Middle East to reach 10 million children - 2 March

WHO likely to declare Bangladesh “polio-free” -27 February

Kenya intensifies polio eradication efforts - 26 February

UNICEF supplies making a difference for children in Philippines typhoon recovery - 12 February

UNICEF immunizes 1.7 million children in Guinea measles outbreak - 11 February

UNICEF supplies arrive in Homs - 11 February

Over a decade of strong results in reducing measles mortality - 6 February

UNICEF procured walk-in freezer and fridges to support Philippines immunization programme - 28 Jan

Emergency health kits reach strained medical facilities in the Philippines - 21 Jan

UNICEF provides vaccines, needles, cold chain equipment and logistical support to deal with measles outbreak in Guinea - 21 Jan

UNICEF airlifts urgent supplies to humanitarian crisis in South Sudan -21 Jan

UNICEF ready with emergency supplies for Tonga - 14 Jan

UNICEF and partners begin vaccination campaign in CAR - 13 Jan

In the Philippines, children ring in the new school year - 8 Jan

UNICEF winterization – From the warehouse to a child in a tent - 5 Jan


Winter kits to refugee children in Bekaa Valley - 20 December

UNHCR/UNICEF begin airlifts into Syria from Iraq - 16 December

UNICEF provides emergency supplies to treat children injured in Central African Republic fighting - 9 Dec

UNICEF and WHO vaccinate 23 million children in the Middle East following Syria outbreak - 9 Dec

UNICEF Gambia helps supervise meningitis vaccination campaign - 3 Dec

Sir Roger Moore calls for more help for the Philippines - 20 Nov

UNICEF and partners get water supply back online in typhoon-affected Philippines - 17 Nov

WHO and UNICEF partner to immunize children in Syria - 15 Nov

UNICEF's Maya Igarashi Wood looks back over a week in the wake of devastation, following Typhoon #Haiyan - 15 Nov

UNICEF provides a market update on yellow fever vaccine - 4 Nov

Emergency school supplies to Syria - 31 Oct

UNICEF provides a revised market update on pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) - 31 Oct

UNICEF and Liberia integrated polio, Vitamin A and de-worming campaign - 25 Oct

UNICEF newletter on polio-free Chad - 24 Oct

UNICEF convenes staff and partners around innovation in emergencies - 21 October

UNICEF airlifts supercereal to Syria - 24 Oct

Newly accessible Japanese encephalitis vaccine will make saving children easier in developing countries - 9 October

UNICEF diagnostic tests and anti malarials respond to malaria outbreak in Chad - 3 October

UNICEF and DFID partner to increase use of bednets in Ghana - 2 October

Central African Republic: emergency supplies reach children and women - 1 October 2013

UNICEF market update for DTP highlights continued market fragility and the need to continually monitor stock levels, supply and demand - 1 October

A new UNICEF market update for BCG highlights revisions in vaccine supply and manufacturing capacity against increased demand - 12 September

Video of UNICEF supply response, Iraqi Kurdistan - 12 September

UNICEF intensifies polio campaigns in refugee camps in Kenya - 6 September

UNICEF's massive humaitarian operation for Syria's children - 4 September

UNICEF and Japan hand over vehicles and motorbikes in Sudan - 4 September

Education supplies support UNICEF’s home-based learning programme for Syrian children - 3 September

Critical supplies for Syrian refugee children airlifted to Iraq - 1 September

The life-saver that costs peanuts: UNICEF and RUTF - 25 August

UNICEF and partners bring supplies to North Kivu, DRC - 22 August

UNICEF and Peru’s zinc industry fight micronutrient deficiency - 22 August

Indonesia working to develop rotavirus vaccine for newborns - 21 August

Global Fund $33.3 million to Chad will give almost every family a mosquito net by July 2014 - 31 July

Pneumo vaccine price drop will save UNICEF Supply approximately $157m over 11 years - 29 July

Pneumonia diagnostic aid devices - UNICEF current outlook and perspectives - 25 July

UNICEF life-saving supplies reach Aleppo - 23 July

UNICEF WASH chief in Amman explains how to build a refugee camp from scratch - 19 July

Zambia introduces PCV and measles second dose - 15 July

Forbes on UNICEF'S RUTF supply chain - 12 July

UNICEF market update on oral polio vaccine (OPV) supply availability - 10 July

UNICEF product profile and market update of amoxicillin dispersible tablets- 10 July

Logistics support to help Nigeria achieve 80% immunization coverage - 3 July

Record number of people accessing HIV treatments – UNAIDS, WHO, UNICEF reports - 30 June

People that Deliver Initiative’s 5-year strategic plan - HR focus for strong health supply chains - 25 June

A low-cost, innovative answer to arsenic problems - 25 June

CDC study finds that  HPV infections has dropped 56 percent in teenage girls since a vaccine was introduced in 2006 - 24 June

UNICEF rebuilds Zimbabwe's health system - 19 June

Uganda running out of ARVs, HIV test kits - 12 June

Kiribati introduces PCV - 11 June

WHO reports the lowest-ever number of meningitis cases in Africa, thanks to Meningitis vaccine - 6 June

UNICEF supplies reaching some of the hardest hit areas of Syria - 17 May

DRC Ministry of Public Health takes delivery of health equipment -16 May

UNICEF launches groundbreaking cholera toolkit - 15 May

UNICEF prepares to support Myanmar as Cyclone Mahasen approaches - 15 May

Haitian children receive rotavirus vaccine -28 April

Children in Somalia to receive new vaccination against deadly diseases -24 April

In the lead up to World Malaria Day (25 April), UNICEF profiles its view of the current Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs)  market and procurement trends. The distribution of LLINs is a cornerstone to protecting children and their families against malaria. - 25 April

UNICEF and WHO say better supply systems needed for vaccines - 20 April

Ensuring vaccines reach children in Vietnam - 14 April

India's National Regulatory Authority meets WHO standards - 9 April

WHO's $5.5 billion endgame plan to eradicate polio - 2 April

UNICEF warns two million children without basic services in CAR - 29 March

Reaching refugees from the Central African Republic with polio vaccine - 28 March

UNICEF steps up relief for Malian refugees in Mauritania - 19 March

UNICEF mobile app helps reunite Congolese children with their families - 19 March

UNICEF supports measles campaign in DRC - 4 March

Market update: Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) supply - 28 Feb

UNICEF and partners establish "polio emergency operation centre" in Nigeria - 28 Feb

Bednets credited for Gambia progress in achieving MDGs - 21 Feb

After Measles Success, Rwanda to Get Rubella Vaccine - 25 Feb

UNICEF Mali: Supporting women and children through an emergency - 15 Feb

Results from Pneumococcal AMC process & design evaluation - 15 Feb

Community-based approach addresses acute malnutrition in Somalia - 12 Feb

Market update on current DTP supply status - 11 Feb

UNICEF gives assistance Rohingya children and women in shelters in southern Thailand - 4 Feb

When Supply Chains Save Lives: Therapeutic Food Supply - Jan 2013


Developing Country Vaccine Manufacturers Network - 9 November

Vaccine Suppliers Integral to Achieving Polio Free World - 24 October

UN Commission - 13 essential commodities - 26 September

Niger: Child mortality slashed - 21 September

Syrian children back to school, at home and abroad - 17 September

Child survival - a promise renewed - 13 September

Syrian refugees in Jordan - child friendly spaces - 11 September

UN procurement report highlights benefits of transparency - 30 August

UPS, UNICEF deliver supplies to Mali - 24 August

One billion people support humanitarians on WHD - 22 August

UNICEF & Iran Red Crescent - supplies to quake zone - 21 August

World Humanitarian Day - and UNICEF - 19 August

UNICEF supplies at Museum of Modern Art - 17 August

Mobiles for health in Uganda - 16 August

Angola: one year without polio - 16 August

Syrian refugees in Jordan -15 August

UNICEF supplies against cholera in Mali - 1 August

Pneumococcal vaccine launched in Zimbabwe - 31 July

Fuel-efficient stoves to girls in Mogadishu - 27 July

Innovative financing for HIV - 24 July

Prequalification of medicines saves lives - 10 July

UNICEF opens 55 earthquake resistant schools in Pakistan - 6 July

DR Congo needs cold chain to eradicate polio - 28 June

Transparency - WHO publishes vaccine prequalification labs - 4 June

UN Commission on Life-Saving Commodities for Women and Children - 22 May

Innovations key to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV - 24 April

UNICEF/UPS flight brings supplies to Mauritania - 23 April

UNICEF Supply uses every mode of transport- including cargo planes, ships, boats, barges, canoes, trains, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and mules - to reach the most vulnerable children. Read more here.

Win-win-win: Camp distribution "Fairs" in DR Congo - 13 April

UNICEF Innovation Labs short-listed in RedHat awards - 30 March

111 million children in 20 African countries get polio vaccination in 4 days - 30 March

UNICEF working with local suppliers - Malawi - 28 March

UN launches commission on life-saving commodities for women and children -23 March

Oral Rehydration Salts and Zinc delivered with Coca-Cola - 5 March

Millennium Development Goal for drinking water met early - 6 March

Panacea delisted from WHO's prequalified vaccines list - 1 March

Mia Farrow visits UNICEF warehouse, feeding centre in Chad - 16 February

Sahel food crises: how to respond - 15 February

Analysis: Looming famine in Sudan - 15 February

UNICEF's central focus? Innovation - 9 February

Demand, supply, logistics - a global business - 9 February

Gates Foundation Announces Winner of Vaccine Innovation Award - 25 January

India polio-free for first time in history - 12 January

Therapeutic food to million malnourished children in Sahel - 11 January

Malawi - UNICEF procures Essential Drugs - 9 January


Access to Essential Medicines: Ten Stories in 2011 (MSF) - 22 December

India - soon victory over polio? 3 January

Advance Market Commitment for Pneumococcal Vaccine - 22 December

Expanding basic health services in Mali - 15 December

UNICEF, WHO publish global immunization statistics - 30 November

2500 UNICEF School Kits to Thailand - 9 December

Al Shabab closes UN Offices in Somalia - 30 November

UNICEF, WHO publish global immunization statistics - 30 November

China prepares for entry into vaccine market - 29 November

Horn of Africa: Outbreak of acute watery diarrhoea - 28 November

For Every Child - UNICEF and Innovation - 28 November

Global Fund cancels AIDS funding - 25 November

Famine retreating in Somalia, but millions still in need - 21 November

One million BCG doses to Baghdad - 21 November

Plenty of food in refugee camp - but still malnutrition - 25 November

200 years to meet WASH MDG - WaterAid - 21 November

GAVI to include vaccines against rubella, cervical cancer - 21 November

Emergency supplies to Thai flood victims - 11 November

Supplies to South Sudan returnees - 8 November

Bio-sand water filters in Cameroon - 9 November

Child-friendly spaces in Somalia - 10 November

Temporary learning centres in Pakistan floods - 4 November

Get airports ready for disaster - 8 November

Global Hand Washing - in Somalia - 25 October

14 million children vaccinated in DR Congo - 26 October

UNICEF, IKEA deliver toys, hygiene kits to Haiti - 26 October

China delivers $70m in grain to Horn of Africa - 24 October

UNICEF delivers flood supplies across SE Asia - 23 October

Report - Crisis in the Horn of Africa far from over - 21 October

Kenya grapples with counterfeit ARVs - 21 October

Uganda wipes out measles - 21 October

International Medical Corps Helps Haiti - 20 October

MSF - Corn-soya blend sent to Africa is "sub-standard" - 14 October

Supplementary food to Madagascar - 17 October

UNICEF Digital Drum computers to rural Uganda - 17 October

UNICEF/academia evaluate humanitarian response in Kenya - 18 October

Pakistan - more money needed for flood supplies - 17 October

UNICEF & ECHO against waterborne disease in Togo - 11 October

British Red Cross in Horn of Africa - 11 October

Cholera outbreaks in West and Central Africa - 12 October

Solar powered desalination unit to Tuvalu - 11 October

UNICEF & partners get children back to school in Haiti - 10 October

Polio vaccine to 7 million children in Côte d’Ivoire - 7 October

Cholera kits to Central African Republic - 7 October 

UNICEF & WFP get children back to school in Haiti - 5 October

UNICEF Philippines sends supplies to flood hit regions - 7 October

Abuja bomb caused vaccine shortages - Nigeria 3 October

Pakistan - UNICEF response depletes resources - 4 October

Emergency supplies to refugees, South Sudan - 3 October

8 million children vaccinated against measles, rubella in Uzbekistan 30 Sept

Nets, diagnostics, medicine beat malaria in Mozambique - 29 September

School supplies to Palestinian children in Lebanon - 28 September

Panama proposes to host regional hub for UN agencies - 28 September

GAVI - vaccines to 37 more countries - 28 September

10,000 get crutches in Sierra Leone - 27 Spetember

Water truck lifeline, Ethiopia - 24 September

Essential Medicines Supply Programme restocks Zimbabwe's clinics - 22 Sept

UNICEF Burundi rolls out pneumoia vaccine - 22 September

Sanofi donates polio vaccine strain to WHO - 22 September

Forbes - UNICEF's Tech Innovation - 19 September

Pakistan: Children worst hit by flooding - OCHA - 19 September

South Korea/Korean Air give free freight for the Horn - 19 September

Refugee children vaccinated against pneumonia in Kenya -20 September

Big drop in children under five dying - 15 September

Mobile health units saving lives in Ethiopia - 14 September

Food, tents to flooded Sindh province, Pakistan - 14 September

UNICEF - Frog Design partnership gets results - 13 September

With water scarce, innovative solutions in Kenya - 13 September

Education helps survival - back to school in the Horn - 12 September

UNICEF supplies motorbikes to disabled in Burkina Faso - 8 September

UN supplies to Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia - 7 September

UNICEF trucking water, repairing bore holes in Djibouti - 7 September

Leave emergency relief to the professionals? 7 September

UNICEF procuring 11 million litres of  water for Libya - 6 September

UPS donates expertise to Horn of Africa - 1 September

Schools, education kits required in Somali camps - 1 September

1.2 million Children targeted for polio vaccines - 31 August

Libya: 60% of tripoli population without water - 31 August

UNICEF Vitamin A programme questioned - 31 August

UNICEF delivers water to Tripoli - 31 August

New Health Units in Pakistan - 31 August

Improving lives by providing access to safe water in Haiti - 24 August

Construction of 34 Schools to Begin in South Sudan -23 August

Pentavalent vaccine, Easyfive, removed from WHO list of prequalified vaccines - 17 August

UNICEF responds to the emerging water crisis in Tripoli - 27 August

UNICEF - Challenges getting food into Somalia (Al Jazeera) - 15 August

Free BA relief flight to Ethiopia for OXFAM and UNICEF - 9 August

Eyes and ears of UNICEF global emergency response - 10 August

'Logistics nightmare' in Kenya - 9 August

Measles Initiative vaccinates 1 billion children - 8 August

Feed Somalia, address the causes, or both? - 1 August

UNICEF leads child nutrition cluster - photos - Guardian. 1 August

Somalia famine relief effort hit harder by food aid delays than by rebels - 4 August

UNICEF calls for airfreight donations for Horn famine.  3 August

300,000 children in Kenya to be vaccinated against polio - 27 July

Why School Supplies matter - 26 July

In Sierra Leone, New Hope for Children and Pregnant Women - 17 July 

UNICEF responds to Horn of Africa food crisis - 15 July

Cleaner water an achievable goal in providing for Pakistan's poor - 13 July

Khartoum 15 June 2011. UNICEF team under pressure, but providing water, jerry cans, soap, ORS, essential drugs and tarpaulins to displaced fleeing violence. Read more...

No more immunization-related infections in Africa - 5 July

Changing landscape of humanitaria aid - 30 June

UN delivers food, nutrition supplies, latrines to Somalia - 30 June

UNICEF discovers drug leakage in Sierra Leone - BBC - 28 June

Dutch Government, UNICEF cooperate in building Pakistani schools - 27 June

Supplying African-produced goods to African emergencies? - 24 June

Cold chain beyond the industrial world - 21 June

Africa: Malaria vaccine could have extra benefits - 20 June

Six steps to a polio-free world - 17 June

Sugar fortified with Vitamin A? - 15 June

Tony Lake on vaccines and prices - Channel 4 News - 13 June

Mobile (phone) health summit in Africa - 9 June

Pre-positioned emergency supplies, vaccines to displaced in South Sudan - 8 June

Benghazi 25 May UNICEF is coordinating Water, Sanitation and Hygiene activities as part of the humanitarian emergency response to the on-going conflict in Libya. Read more.

Blog 25 May 2011. Three UNICEF trucks with life-saving therapeutic food arrived in Sa'ada governorate in Northern Yemen. Read more here.

History of micronutrient "Sprinkles" - 6 June

Call for local manufacture of RUTF - 6 June

Vaccinate every child, says UNICEF - 6 June

Channel 4 News Video on Vaccine Prices - 6 June

Pre 2010

Supplier's Meeting Focuses on Access to Medicines for Children

Regional Logistics Centre - Shanghai

A record number of HIV-positive people receiving antiretroviral therapy in Malawi

Saving Mother's and Babies' Lives in Senegal

UNICEF Opens Health Care Centre in Sri Lanka

The Impact of Educational Supplies in DRC

Supply Efforts Continue in Lebanon

Shortage of HIV/AIDS medicines in Niger: UNICEF sends emergency treatments

UNICEF opens its third emergency hub in Panama

Free Russian flight delivers UNICEF supplies to children affected by tsunami in Indonesia

UNICEF Procurement Services: Life-saving medicines for people living with HIV/AIDS in Malawi

School bags for the children of Madagascar: Realising education for all

‘Still hovering between two worlds’

UNICEF Procurement Services cooperation with the Government of Eritrea reveals unforeseen benefits

Girls’ education in the Democratic Republic of Congo: kits for kids

UNICEF/ British Airways alliance gets supplies to tsunami children

UNICEF supplies School-in-the-Box kits to ‘Red Light’ and other areas of Liberia

Real lives

UNICEF rushes supplies to survivors of disaster in Asia

Supplies on the front line






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