Supplies and Logistics

NEW Response deadline 16:00 (Cph time) 8 March 2013 for RFPS-DAN-2013-501604 for Development and presentation of a Warehouse and Inventory Management (WIM) Training Package

PLEASE NOTE THE RESPONSE DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO Friday, 8 MARCH 2013 at 16:00 hours (Copenhagen time)

Eligible and qualified institutions are encouraged to download the attached Request for Proposal for Services (RFPS) and follow the instructions for submitting their Proposal.

Click here to access the RFPS document [PDF].

Click here to access Annex 3 [Excel] for easy entry of cost elements.

All relevant information is contained in the attached documents.

N.B. Many thanks to those who have submitted questions or requests for clarification.  We hope the attached Questions & Answers (Q&A) are suitably detailed. We would like to stress that it is not necessary for the organisational entity to have been in existence for a set number of years, however it is expected that the key staff members proposed for this project meet the experience requirements as demonstrated in the inclusion of their CVs.

Click here to access the Q&A document added to this page on 22 February 2013.



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