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Supplies and Logistics

Middle Income Countries

Nearly 75% of the world’s poor live in countries classified by the World Bank as MICs and which host the majority of unvaccinated Under-5 children . A number of challenges have prevented access to these vaccines including relatively high pricing, sustainability of funding, procurement capacity and limited technical expertise.

UNICEF seeks to support children’s access to these new vaccines via a more efficient and sustainable market. In order to address some of the growing disparities in vaccination coverage, UNICEF has now launched an initiative to support MICs’ accelerated introduction of Human Papillomavirus (“HPV”), Pneumococcal Conjugate (“PCV”) and Rotavirus vaccines (“Rotavirus”). These new vaccines prevent some of the larger contributors to Under-5 Mortality and protect adolescent girls and women from the main cause of cervical cancer.

This initiative (Russian Version) will offer access to these vaccines through:

• Pooled Procurement: MIC demand is consolidated and procured through UNICEF to achieve better planning and visibility for suppliers (and in return, lower prices for MICs).

• Reference Prices: Countries choosing to self-procure have access to transparent price levels, upon which they may base future negotiations with suppliers.

In mid-December, UNICEF issued a tender to provide MICs anticipated delivery of HPV, PCV and Rotavirus vaccines starting in the second half of 2013.

Other Vaccines

UNICEF’s launching of this initiative complements the work already done on behalf of MICs in routine and traditional vaccine purchasing. Other vaccines (e.g., polio, Pentavalent, Measles-containing, and routine EPI vaccines and products) are already procured through existing pooled procurement mechanisms, which most MICs can easily access through UNICEF’s Procurement Services. Finally, UNICEF regularly provides technical procurement advice, expertise and consultations as part of its mission to increase country-level procurement self-sufficiency.

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For any queries regarding Middle Income Country new vaccine procurement, please contact Philipp Kalpaxis pkalpaxis@unicef.org

For general enquiries, please liaise directly with our Procurement Services Centre at psid@unicef.org



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