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REOI for Provision of Point of Care Diagnostics in HIV prevention, treatment and care programmes - New response deadline 4 January 2013

Attached and available at the links below you will find a Request for Expression of Interest (REOI) that is being offered to your organization as part of a joint project on Point Of Care HIV Diagnostics being conducted by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), and funded by UNITAID. The purpose of this REOI is to call upon those engaged in the development of POC products for CD4, early infant diagnosis (EID), and viral load (VL) testing to express their interest in becoming a future supplier of these products, and provide information about their existing and future products.

While UNITAID has already collected some of the information requested in this REOI from some organizations, in order to ensure an equitable and consistent process across all organizations, the opportunity to respond to this REOI is being provided equally to all developers of POC HIV diagnostic products. Additional information is also being requested that will help UNICEF and CHAI achieve a more complete picture of the market landscape, and structure the remaining steps of the procurement process.

All organizations are requested to provide as complete a response as possible; however, we recognize that some of the information requested at this time may not be available, especially for products that are not yet commercially available. Any confidential information should be clearly marked as such.

The deadline for submission is extended to 4 January 2013.

All relevant information is contained in the attached REOI document.

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