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Supplies and Logistics

Nutrition Supplier Meetings

Nutrition Supply Forum, 5th - 6th November 2019 
UNICEF Supply Division, Copenhagen

A vision for nutrition supplies to meet the SDGs 

Focusing on the key products used by UNICEF and its partners in the delivery of nutrition programmes, the Nutrition Supply Forum is bringing together manufacturers/suppliers of nutrition products, UNICEF supply and programme staff, partner organizations, donors and academia.  

Purpose of the meeting is to exchange ideas and updates related to supply input for nutrition programmes, with the objective to strengthen the contribution of the supply function to achieving nutrition-relevant SDGs, WHA targets and UNICEF strategic objectives.  

Specific objectives are: 

  • To learn about the 2019 State of the World Children Report, the UNICEF 2020-2030 Nutrition Strategy and the progress made towards meeting the nutrition supply-related targets.  
  • To share updates on best practices, collaborative procurement, strategic market approaches, innovation and product developments, regulatory framework 
  • To encourage interactions and networking among participants to foster cooperation beyond the forum 

Please find the agenda here


Day 1 Tuesday 5 November 2019

NSF Objectives and Agenda

UNICEF Supply Division Overview

SDGs and UNICEF's Nutrition Strategy

Update on WHO Guidelines on Nutrition


UNICEF Nutrition Procurement overview and update for key nutrition commodities

WFP SNF Procurement Update

USAID Nutrition procurement overview

Supplying to UNICEF contracting process and contract mgt

Peanuts in Sudan

Anthropometric Equipment Procurement Update

QA Throughout the Supply Chain

UNICEF analytical testing - 2019

Trending of test results for improved performance

Specifications and QA for anthropometric equipt

RUTF GMP Inspections - new trends and major observations 2019

Regulatory updates on Nutrition Commodities

Day 2 Wednesday 6 November 2019

IA Stability Study Requirements

Statistical Process Control - Nutriset

Process Capability - Mana

Update Inter-agency working group SNF

UNICEF response to emergencies

Supply Rainbow for Nutrition

Innovation and Nutrition

Alternative Recipes RUTF

Innovation Height Measuring Devices




Day 1 Wednesday 14 July 2017

Objectives and Agenda

UNICEF Supply Division Overview

Sustainable Development Goals and UNICEF's Nutrition Strategy

WHO Guidelines

MNC Procurement Overview including Nutrition Supplies

Market Update for Key Nutrition Commodities

Supplier Performance Monitoring

Greening the Blue: Framework for Sustainable Procurement

UNICEF Contracting Processes for Specialised Nutrition Products

UNICEF Standard Contracts

UNICF Specification Development and Technical Evaluation for Specialised Nutrition Products

GMP Inspection

Validation Requirements for Nutrition Products

PDI Results and testing of Nutritional Products

Day 2 Thursday 15 July 2017

Foreign Bodies Detection for Specialised Food Products (GC Rieber Compact)

Foreign Body Risk Management (Nutriset)

Interagency Activities to Assure Nutrition Product Quality

Packaging of LNS and RUF

Suppliers Perspective Panel Intro:

Sugar in RUTF

Lower Sugar Trial

Sugar Content RUTF

Alternative Recipes

Alternative Formulations

Standard Setting and Regulation of Specialised Nutritious Foods (Codex and RUTF)

Standard Setting and Regulation of Specialised Nutritious Foods (USP and MNP's)

Challenges in the Regulatory Monitoring of Fortified Foods

UNICEF Response to Emergencies

Shipment of Nutrition Products and Supply Chain Issues

Supply Chain Strengthening for Governments 

For any further information please contact Charlotte Armand Nielsen - canielen@unicef.org

Previous Meetings

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Specialized Food - Product Quality Assessement

The INTERAGENCY PRODUCT QUESTIONNAIRE aims to get more details/information about the product and the controls implemented in the factory, to prevent finished products from main microbiological, chemical and physical risks.

Manufacturer Quality Assessment

The INTERAGENCY MANUFACTURER QUALITY QUESTIONNAIRE applies to all specialized food (ready to use or not) suppliers. It aims to get more details/information about the quality management system in place at the factory, the production means, and the controls implemented in the factory to prevent final products from main microbiological, chemical and physical risks.

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