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Supplies and Logistics

Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets Price Data

© UNICEF/ HQ04-1261/Giacomo Pirozzi

UNICEF is one of the leading procurers of long lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) for children and families. In 2017, UNICEF procured 23.9 million LLINs that were distributed across 29 countries. In recognition of this and following through on our commitment to transparency around the procurement of essential supplies UNICEF is continuing to publish a retrospective of LLIN prices. This overview was prepared in consultation with our LLIN suppliers.

The LLIN prices received by UNICEF from industry are based on the UNICEF mandate, UNICEF aggregated quantities, commercial terms, reliability of forecasts, timelines of payment, and long standing relationship with industry. Data below covers tenders issued between 2006 and 2017, and captures information related to LLINs of 100 denier or greater in three standard sizes (expressed in centimetres). LLINs procured by UNICEF meet international standards of quality prescribed by the WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme (WHOPES).

Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs) price data (January 2018)

For more information on the UNICEF Supply Commitment to Transparency, click here.



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