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RFI - Themed Top Level Domain- Provision and Management of UNICEF - Response deadline 30 July 2010


UNICEF is exploring the option of selecting a vendor for developing an application to secure the .unicef domain and subsequently managing it on behalf of UNICEF for an initial period of two years.


This Request for Information (RFI) is intended to provide sufficient information for vendors to determine whether they would be willing to participate in a potential selection process. It is also intended for UNICEF to (i) ascertain the capabilities of potential vendors in terms of fulfilling the requirements for this project (ii) identify available or potential methods for fulfilling this need and (iii) obtain in broad terms, information on cost and delivery time of such methods.


This RFI is not intended that suppliers prepare detailed proposals at this stage but rather provide information regarding capabilities and indication as to how they would approach working with UNICEF to achieve the objectives set out in this RFI. Receipt of this RFI does not automatically qualify your company to compete for the requirement in question should UNICEF decide to initiate a more detailed procurement process (i.e. Request for Proposals) in the future. With this in mind, we would ask that you review the attached Project Information document, complete the RFI questionnaire and forward it to ITSSprocurement@unicef.org not later than 30 July 2010.


Any questions related to this RFI should also be addressed to ITSSprocurement@unicef.org.


Due to the high volume of communications, UNICEF is not in a position to issue confirmation as to receipt of RFI’s. 

We thank you for your participation in this RFI.




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