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2012-2013 Tender Calendar – Devices and Waste Management Products

2012-2013 Tender Calendar - Devices and Waste Management Products

UNICEF Supply Division, Devices and Waste Management Unit, procures Auto-Disable syringes, Re-Use Prevention Syringes, Disposable Syringes, Safety Boxes and Waste management products for the immunizations programs. This tender calendar lists items that are foreseen to be requested in a tender during 2012-2013 for delivery of goods to the UNICEF Warehouse in Copenhagen and/or directly to countries.

The tender calendar consists of two sections:

Section 1 contains anticipated tenders in 2013 for establishing Long Term Arrangements.

Section 2 indicates on a short term basis tenders to be issued to cover specific customer requests. Items may also be listed here without estimated bidding date if they are usually demanded at some point during each year. A bidding date may be set later in case of a concrete customer demand for that item.

a) The bid plan is only indicative and may vary substantially from the actual bidding exercise.
b) UNICEF Supply Division will decide whether to tender for these requirements through a Request for Quotation, Invitation to Bid or Request for Proposal.
c) It is UNICEF’s prerogative to establish whether any such bidding exercise is to be advertised in the UNICEF Supply Division website.
d) UNICEF reserves the right to accept or reject any Expression of Interest, to initiate or annul any tender exercise at any time, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected Suppliers/Manufacturers or any obligation to inform the affected Suppliers/Manufacturers of the grounds for UNICEF’s action.
e) Suppliers/Manufacturers are encouraged to already now indicate which products they are interested to quote, by email to Ms Tine Schmidt Olsen at with clear reference to item code(s) and specification.
f) Product specifications may be available on the UNICEF online catalogue at:

Pre-Qualification of product with WHO : Potential bidders should note that AD syringes, RUP syringes and Safety Boxes must be WHO prequalified under PQS to be eligible for an award and provided the Bid was deemed successful at the time of bid adjudication. Interested suppliers should therefore take timely action to conclude the pre-qualification process with WHO, in order to have an eligible product available to be offered to UNICEF.

UNICEF Preference for AD Syringes: Point of activation of disabling mechanism of offered product - In line with the objective to reduce the risk of reuse, UNICEF has a preference for Auto-Disable Syringes with activation of the auto-disabling feature commencing prior to delivery of the fixed full dose.

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