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Supplies and Logistics

Pre-Tender Meeting for AMC procurement 26th August 2009

UNICEF is preparing to issue the first Call for Offers for Pneumococcal Vaccines for GAVI-eligible countries under the Advance Market Commitment (AMC). An AMC is an innovative new financing strategy designed to accelerate access to lifesaving new vaccines and medicines in developing countries - the first AMC will focus on the development and availability of pneumococcal vaccines. Donor countries and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have committed US$1.5 billion to support this initiative.

The AMC will use funds committed by donors to guarantee the price of yet to be developed vaccines, thus providing manufacturers with more certain market conditions, the incentive to make the considerable investment required for new vaccines and the capacity to supply vaccines in the quantities required by developing countries. The goal is to create a self-sustaining marketplace with affordable prices for eligible countries, who in turn will receive support from the GAVI Alliance to purchase the new vaccines.

As one of the objectives of the first Call for Offers is to enter into supply agreements for supply to start no later than 5 years into the future, any manufacturer who is expecting to have a pneumococcal vaccine available for supply to UNICEF within this time frame should respond to the Call for Offers. To this end UNICEF hosted a pre-tender meeting in UNICEF Supply Division, Copenhagen, on 26th August 2009. The meeting was attended by representatives from 8 different vaccine manufacturers. Presentaters at the meeting were from GAVIalliance, PATH, WHO and UNICEF Programme Division and UNICEF Supply Division.

Please see below the presentations from the meeting.


Global Action Plan for prevention and control of pnuemococcal disease - Dr. Osman Mansoor, Senior EPI Manager, UNICEF Programme Division

Advance Market Commitment concept and development - Tania Cernuschi, AMC Manager, GAVI Alliance

Target Product Profile and technical requirements - Dr. Nora Dellepiane, QSS, WHO

Strategic Demand Forecast - Stefano Malvolti, Strategic Vaccine Supply, PATH

Explanation and overview of the AMC Procedures Memorandum, Call for Offers, and Supply Agreement - Tania Cernuschi and Ann Ottosen, Contracts Manager, UNICEF Supply Division

If you should have any further enqiries please do not hesitate to contact Ann Ottosen at aottosen@unicef.org




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