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Supplies and Logistics

2012-2013 Tender Calendar - HIV and Malaria Medicines unit

a) UNICEF Supply Division undertakes  annual and ad-hoc tender exercises (click here to open the form) for the establishment and renewal of Long Term Arrangements, as applicable to the following commodity groups:

Artemisinin based combination therapy (ACTs) 
Non Artemisinin based therapy (non-ACTs )
Medicines for malaria prevention

Antiretroviral medicines for elimination of mother-to-child transmission (eMTCT), treatment and post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP)

Note: Medicines for opportunistic infections-see here

Detailed information about the products can be found in the UNICEF Supply Division Web-catalogue  under ‘Anti-infective medicines’.

UNICEF is working in close cooperation with the WHO Prequalification programme.

b) UNICEF Supply Division tenders shall be conducted through an ITB or RFP contingent on the product(s) sought.

c) Unless indicated otherwise, tenders will be issued by UNICEF.

d) Further detailed information about forecasts on volumes can be requested at UNICEF Supply Division supply@unicef.org.

e) Suppliers interested in participating in any of these tenders should contact UNICEF Supply Division at supply@unicef.org, indicating the product group they would like to quote for.

f) Suppliers interested in participating in any of these tenders should be registered with the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM).




Technical Standards for Pharmaceutical Products

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UNICEF's Quality Assurance System for Pharmaceuticals


Technical Standards for Pharmaceuticals

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