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Regional Logistics Centre - Shanghai

UNICEF Image: logistics facility in Shanghai
© UNICEF China/2008/Li Mingfang
Ms. Anupama Rao Singh, UNICEF Regional Director for East Asia and the Pacific (first from left) and Mr. Zhang Shaogang, Deputy Director-General of Department of International Trade and Economic Affairs of Ministry of Commerce (centre) are given a tour of warehouse at the newly-opened logistics facility in Shanghai on 30 April 2008.

On 30 April 2008, the Government of China and UNICEF opened the UNICEF Regional Logistics Centre – Shanghai,  to support the provision of supplies for children all over the world. This is Supply Division’s third regional supply hub outside Copenhagen, Denmark. The other two are in Panama and Dubai. The new facility consists of an 8,000 sqm warehouse, set packing equipment, storage units, fork-lifts, computers and packing/labelling facilities.

Between 2001 and 2007, the value of UNICEF procurement in China rose by well over 500 per cent, much of it education supplies. Almost 90 per cent of the educational items procured by UNICEF are manufactured in China, though to date many of these have been bought via third-party traders. With the opening of the Regional Logistics Centre, UNICEF will reduce freight costs and lead times though closer proximity and direct access to suppliers.

© UNICEF China/2008/Li Mingfang
UNICEF and Chinese government officials cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony of UNCEF Regional Logistics Centre on April 30 in Shanghai.

A good example is the School-in-a-Box, almost all the components of which are procured in China. The Regional Logistics Centre – Shanghai will in future set pack most UNICEF standard School-in-a-Box and Recreation Kits. The first major shipment of supplies to be processed consists of 47 containers of school kits for the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Government of DRC and UNICEF are in the second year of a major effort to help children go back to school.

At a later date, the Centre will begin to stockpile items to respond to the emergency needs of children and families caught up in natural and man-made disasters in the region. Discussion is also under way with other UN agencies for the provision of space to stock programme goods procured from China.



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