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Supplies and Logistics

Online Request for Expression of Interest - Water, Sanitation and Hygienes Supplies - No response deadline

UNICEF works and devotes a large amount of its resources to improving basic living conditions which will directly benefit children and their families in 158 countries and territories around the world. This includes procuring and providing different kind of supplies for various UNICEF supported programs in the countries.

In 2013, UNICEF procured US $2.839 billion worth of supplies, including $91million worth of water and sanitation materials.

One of the most important objectives of UNICEF within the water and environmental sanitation program is to reduce the proportion of households that do not have access to affordable, safe drinking water and hygiene by at least one third by 2010. This can save the lives of millions of children.

The achievement of UNICEF's goals in water and sanitation depends upon the procurement and timely delivery of appropriate and affordable supplies in the most efficient manner. Therefore, UNICEF is inviting eligible suppliers to send Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for the following categories of supplies:

1. Water Collection (e.g. well digging, well pumps etc);
2. Water Supply/Distribution (e.g. pipes, pumps, water meters etc);
3. Water Treatment (e.g. filtration, disinfections, mobile units etc);
4. Water Storage (e.g. tanks, containers etc);
5. Water Testing (e. g. bacteriological testing, physical testing, chlorine testing etc);
6. Hygiene & Sanitation (e.g. portable and fixed latrines, etc);
7. Reconnaissance (e. g. surveying and geophysical instruments etc).

The detailed specification of the standard items listed above can be found on the UNICEF online Catalogue at https://supply.unicef.org/ under Water and Sanitation. As and when required, suppliers may also be requested to provide their offers for other water and sanitation products which are not listed in the current UNICEF catalogue.

To express your interest in participating in the bid for proposed Long Term Arrangements, please click here and submit your application.

Please note the following:
1. Do not send your prices at this stage.
2. Do not send your products’ specifications at this stage.
3. Suppliers should check the specification of the products on the UNICEF online catalogue and asses if they can provide as specified in the catalogue, or a similar type of products.
4. Replying to the EOI cannot be considered as an automatic guarantee of receipt of solicitations in the future.
5. UNICEF reserves the right to change or cancel the requirement any time during the solicitation of the EOI.
6. UNICEF reserves the right to change or cancel the requirement any time during the solicitation of the EOI.
7. UNICEF also reserves the right to require compliance of additional terms and conditions.

If you have any additional question about this project, please contact Uamphon Bringsoe at washsupply@unicef.org (please quote “EOI WES” as subject in your correspondence).



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