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United Nations system-wide interconnected network architecture




The United Nations Children’s Fund, on behalf of the United Nations and its Agencies seeks  to determine the interest of consulting firms in the telecommunications industry to submit an offer pursuant to  a Request for Proposal that would be issued for the development of a detailed business case:

· To establish the value and feasibility of an interconnected telecommunications network architecture; and,
· To make recommendations for a United Nations system-wide interconnected network architecture that meets current and projected data and voice communication requirements for UN system headquarters and field locations.

Business Case

1. Background:
a. The current global communication architecture is comprised of multiple and disparate networks, with almost 1,000 entry and exit nodes all over the world. This study seeks to understand the complete range of options that exist for seamlessly inter-connecting disparate networks across the UN system in order to enhance inter-agency communication as well as improve redundancy in global network operations.

2. Objectives:
a. Identify existing communication technology capital investment and operating costs.
b. Identify duplication and overlap of communication services across UN organizations.
c. Identify issues related to security and integrity of communications services.
d. Identify the potential for improved communication services to staff members of the UN system.
e. Identify possible standards that organizations can use when creating global networks so that they can interoperate easier.
f. Identify common communication services in existence today.
g. Make recommendations for an interconnected global network architecture.

3. Scope:
a. All UN organizations that operate major global data, voice and video networks
b. Interested smaller UN organizations.
c. All data, voice, and video network requirements, for both normal and emergency operations.

4. Deliverables:
a. Establish a baseline of the current environment by documenting the network infrastructures of participating agencies.
b. Define the operational and business requirements of the interconnected network
c. Identify future global interconnectivity requirements.

Interested firms shall demonstrate its ability, expertise and past experience in carrying out consulting assignment, particularly business cases, related to global network architecture, large-scale service oriented networks such as those of the UN system.  The United Nations system wishes to deal preferably with consulting firms for the business case. Telecommunications providers should abstain from participating in the preparation of the business case to ensure transparency and impartiality.

All interested firms should send the following information no later than 25 August 2006 in an email at their earliest convenience to

· legal name of the corporation;
· type of incorporation,
· years in operation,
· complete address: location, mailing and electronic addresses,
· name and title of contact, phone and fax numbers, email address,
· short description of the capability of the company, including managerial, subsidiaries and/or partners worldwide,
· latest audited financial statements,
· brief curriculum vitae of senior consultants likely to be assigned to the business case,
· examples of past consulting assignments in the telecommunications field,
· capabilities to communicate fluently both in writing and verbally in English and, preferably, in at least one other United Nations official language: Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian or Spanish.

Please send requests for additional information to



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