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Supply is an ever-evolving field, greatly influenced by emergencies, both natural and man-made, new technology, and new partnerships. What remains constant is UNICEF’s commitment to ensuring that high quality, good value supplies reach children and their families fast.

The latest news on UNICEF Supply Division and supplies procured by UNICEF can be found here.

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Supplier's Meeting Focuses on Access to Medicines for Children

Regional Logistics Centre - Shanghai

A record number of HIV-positive people receiving antiretroviral therapy in Malawi

Saving Mother's and Babies' Lives in Senegal

UNICEF Opens Health Care Centre in Sri Lanka

The Impact of Educational Supplies in DRC

Supply Efforts Continue in Lebanon

Shortage of HIV/AIDS medicines in Niger: UNICEF sends emergency treatments

UNICEF opens its third emergency hub in Panama

Free Russian flight delivers UNICEF supplies to children affected by tsunami in Indonesia

UNICEF Procurement Services: Life-saving medicines for people living with HIV/AIDS in Malawi

School bags for the children of Madagascar: Realising education for all

‘Still hovering between two worlds’

UNICEF Procurement Services cooperation with the Government of Eritrea reveals unforeseen benefits

Girls’ education in the Democratic Republic of Congo: kits for kids

UNICEF/ British Airways alliance gets supplies to tsunami children

UNICEF supplies School-in-the-Box kits to ‘Red Light’ and other areas of Liberia

Real lives
UNICEF has embarked on the largest education supply operation in its history, to help some 4 million Iraqi children go back to school in September.

Emergency supplies sent to Asia

UNICEF rushes supplies to survivors of disaster in Asia
NEW YORK, 27 December 2004 – UNICEF is rushing supplies to coastal communities across Asia hit by massive tidal waves triggered by Sunday’s earthquake.




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