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Supplies and Logistics

UNICEF procurement of HIV/AIDS-related supplies and services

Millions of children in developing countries are affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Despite significant international commitment, many children have a parent or both parents living with HIV/AIDS who still do not have access to treatment. There are also large numbers of children living with HIV/AIDS. Progress however, continues to be made at both national and international levels to improve access to much needed antiretroviral therapy (ART).

UNICEF is committed to making more treatments available and accessible to children in need through its Supply Division. In 2010, UNICEF procured 13.1 million packs of antiretroviral (ARV) treatments and 17.6 million HIV rapid diagnostic tests. This paper examines the challenges as well as the procurement solutions and services developed by UNICEF , as part of the organization’s activities to fight HIV/AIDS. These services are available to developing countries through UNICEF procurement services.

For further information, click here UNICEF procurement of HIV/AIDS-related supplies (pdf).



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