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Supplies and Logistics

Commodities and Services

Though Procurement Services, UNICEF offers a comprehensive range of services and essential commodities such as vaccines, safe injection materials, essential medicines, medical and diagnostic supplies, bed nets, micronutrients, therapeutic food, educational supplies, equipment and supplies to ensure safe drinking water.

Supply services available include warehousing, in-country logistics and other operational support with the aim of developing capacity in national procurement and supply systems or assist in emergency situations.


The UNICEF Supply Catalogue  contains detailed specifications for some 2,000 products, as well as technical bulletins.  Please click on a specific commodity group for more information.

Education equipment

Water and sanitation





Supply Services

At the partner’s request and depending on each specific case a range of supply services can be offered though Procurement Services.

In-country logistics

In-country logistics is an essential, although often underestimated, part of the local supply-chain management process. It focuses on the planning, implementation and control of an efficient, effective flow and storage of supplies from the port of entry to the final destination in the receiving country. In-country logistics can include:

  • In-country receipt

  • Customs clearance

  • Transportation

  • Warehousing

  • Local distribution

Outsourcing supply related services

UNICEF can assist in outsourcing services related to the provided supplies: installation of equipment, related training, etc.



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