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UNICEF/ British Airways alliance gets supplies to tsunami children

© UNICEF/SD05/Faith Kilford
At Copenhagen Airport in Denmark, essential supplies from UNICEF are loaded onboard a British Airways plane destined for Colombo, Sri Lanka. This flight is the seventh donated by the airline to support UNICEF emergency efforts following the tsunami.

COPENHAGEN, 23rd March 2005 – Today, almost three months after the earthquake and tsunami struck the Indian Ocean Region, a British Airways flight containing UNICEF school supplies, pharmaceutical items and water and sanitation equipment has left Copenhagen, Denmark, due to arrive at Colombo Airport, Sri Lanka, tomorrow morning. These supplies - 16,500 buckets, 67,000 drawing pads, 30,000 bottles of classroom glue, one million vitamin A capsules, and 150,000 glucose injections - worth over $180,000, are part of UNICEF’s continuing rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts for children and their families in Sri Lanka.

UNICEF Supply Division Emergency Coordinator, Tanny Noorlander comments: ‘Organizing the transportation of supplies to those in need is a major part of any emergency operation. The fantastic support we receive from British Airways allows UNICEF to channel its resources into more supplies and direct support for children.’

The flight today is the seventh out of ten donated by the airline to UNICEF as part of a £1 million donation to help children affected by the tsunami. Previous UNICEF shipments, including items such as emergency health kits, water tanks, oral rehydration salts, educational materials, recreation kits, essential medicines, tents, tarpaulins, shovels and vehicles have been sent to both Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

The next British Airways air shipment of essential supplies from Billund, also destined for Colombo, is planned for 1st April.

© UNICEF/SD05/Faith Kilford
UNICEF supplies being loaded on a free BA flight on 23 March 2005.

Emergencies and supplies

UNICEF’s commitment is to be able to respond to an emergency within 48 hours, any time of the day, any day of the year. UNICEF has many years of experience working with women and children in crisis, and has an established procedure for assisting them in the most effective way. It is often because the organization has been present in a country for many years, running its regular programmes, that it has accumulated invaluable knowledge about the local conditions. Since supplies are a major component of emergency activities, UNICEF Supply Division plays an active role, and has developed a list of standard items that can be used in various types of emergency so that not a single minute is wasted during a crisis.



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