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Supplies and Logistics

HIV-related medicines

UNICEF is committed to helping governments and development partners ensure a safe and reliable supply of antiretroviral medicines (ARVs), to accelerate access to treatment and care for the millions of people living with HIV in developing countries. Support for providing life-saving care and treatment is available through UNICEF Procurement Services.  See WHO Guidelines here.

UNICEF Supply Division places considerable emphasis on the quality of products it procures. Strict guidelines are followed for the sourcing medicines, especially where there are limited or no publicly available quality assurance standards such as for antiretroviral medicines. UNICEF procurement of ARVs is guided by WHO treatment guidelines, and are those listed in the WHO pre-qualified list of under the WHO Pre-qualification Programme. Where necessary, UNICEF will carry out a detailed technical evaluation of specific ARVs, in cooperation with relevant partners and regulatory agencies.

Product prices vary depending on a variety of factors including the country’s geographical location, funding source and procurement guidelines, registration and patent situation in the country and specific pricing schemes set by manufacturers. UNICEF will always endeavour to obtain optimal prices for its programmes and customers without compromising on product quality and public procurement policy.

Supply Division meets with ARV manufacturers on a regular basis to ensure sustained quality, and product innovation. Supply Division continues to monitor “on-time-delivery” of goods to its customers as a key performance indicator.

UNICEF’s HIV mandate is focused on the; prevention of HIV among adolescents and young people;  eliminating new HIV infections among children and keeping their mothers alive by promoting Prevention of mother to child transmission initiatives; pediatric HIV treatment; protecting and supporting children affected by HIV/AIDS as well as international commitments: to achieve universal access to HIV prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care interventions for all in need; and to contribute to achieving health-related Millennium Development Goals 4,5 and 6 and their associated targets by 2015.

For more information on the HIV related commodities available through UNICEF Supply Division, please visit the UNICEF Supply Catalogue.




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HIV/AIDS medicines and diagnostics

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Supply Division procures a range of HIV-related medicines and supplies including paediatric formulations.

UNICEF procurement of HIV/AIDS supplies


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