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Supplies and Logistics

Ordering antiretroviral medicines

UNICEF began supplying antiretroviral medicines (ARVs) in 1997, to support pilot programmes aimed at preventing transmission of HIV from mothers to infants (PMTCT). Today, with more mothers giving birth to HIV-negative babies, efforts to extend the life of the infant's parents or primary caregivers have become an important focus of UNICEF’s work. Building on the expertise gained through PMTCT programmes, UNICEF uses its global supply network to procure and deliver HIV/AIDS-related medicines and diagnostics, including ARVs, to projects in Africa, Asia, Eastern & Central Europe, Latin American & the Caribbean. UNICEF currently procures antiretroviral medicines for 43 countries.

To benefit from UNICEF’s unique experience in the procurement of ARVs and other HIV/AIDS-related supplies, please register with us if you have not already done so, and send your requirements to Procurement Services, ensuring that you provide the following information: 

  1. Please state whether the current legislation in your country permits the legal importation of generic versions of patented medicines.
  2. Please state if the products you wish to procure are already registered in your country (this information should be available from your national drug regulatory authority).
  3. Please indicate the International Non-proprietary Name (INN or generic name), dosage form and strength per product you wish to procure.
  4. Include the total quantity number of tablets (or, if known, the number of pack-sizes) required.
  5. We request that you also confirm that you are using the National Treatment Guidelines.
  6. Finally, please submit your request for a cost estimate with this information to psid@unicef.org

UNICEF recommends and promotes the use of WHO pre-qualified ARVs and other pharmaceutical products. Further information can be found on the WHO Pre-Qualification Project website: http://mednet3.who.int/prequal/

Further information on HIV/AIDS-related medicines and diagnostics is available from the pages Fighting HIV/AIDS. See also the 2007 ARV product list. (pdf)



UNICEF Supply Catalogue

The UNICEF Supply Catalogue contains specifications for some 2,000 commodities based on the long experience of UNICEF Supply Division.

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