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Supplies and Logistics

UNICEF List of Validated Health and Nutrition Products

What these lists contain 

The lists contain sources of diagnostics, medicines, medical devices, medical consumables, medical equipment, nutrition products and other health technologies that have undergone comprehensive quality assessment as part of a UNICEF procurement process. The lists are published by UNICEF as a guide to national governments and partners in sourcing quality assured products

Products are included in the lists after the data submitted for a product in connection with a UNICEF tender has been evaluated, their corresponding manufacture sites inspected or audited, and relevant Quality Management Systems assessed or otherwise approved by UNICEF, and are considered (at the time of evaluation inspection or assessment) to be acceptable for UNICEF procurement.

Please note that:

  • The lists are not exhaustive. Each list reflects those products which have been evaluated as part of a UNICEF tender process.
  • The fact that certain products and manufacture sites are not included in the lists does not mean that if evaluated, they would not be found to be acceptable for UNICEF procurement.
  • Inclusion in any of the lists does not imply any endorsement or warranty of fitness of purpose by UNICEF of the products and corresponding manufacturing sites. 
  • These lists may not be used by manufacturers and suppliers for commercial or promotional purposes.
  • More information relating to the product(s) is available on the public UNICEF Web Catalogue

The lists

UNICEF procures a wide range of product categories. Product categories will continue to be listed as every tender process is completed

List of Validated Suppliers - Long Lasting Insecticides Nets (LLIN)
List of Validated Suppliers-Nutrition
Supply Catalogue

UNICEF may suspend or remove products from the lists without notification, based on information that has subsequently become available.

Market notes for products listed
Market notes for Long Lasting Insecticides Nets (LLINs)
Market note for Micronutrient Powders (MNP)


UNICEF cannot guarantee that the listed products and manufacturing sites will continue to meet the required standards. Any entity using this list for any purpose must verify that the information remains valid at the time of use. It remains the responsibility of the user of this information to verify that the product is exactly the same as the one approved by UNICEF and is manufactured ONLY at the approved manufacture sites mentioned in these lists. 

UNICEF assumes no responsibility for any misstatement, error or omission from the list.

UNICEF accepts no liability and responsibility for any injury, death, damage or loss of any kind whatsoever that may arise because of, or in connection with the procurement, distribution, storage and use of any product included in these lists.

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