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Supplies and Logistics

CCE and RTMD Industry Consultation – 22 March, 2018


In 2016 Gavi established the Cold Chain Equipment Optimization Platform (CCEOP) to support countries with improving their immunization supply chains and to contribute to strengthening of the coverage and equity of immunization. The main CCEOP objective is to extend a temperature controlled supply chain to more health facilities in more countries. Furthermore, the platform promotes new technologies and aims for establishment of healthy markets for essential CCE supplies.  

Traditionally, the procurement of cold chain equipment has focused on the equipment part with less attention to in-country logistics, installation and related introduction to the equipment.  With the CCEOP, a ‘service bundle’ concept has been introduced, in which the CCE manufacturers are requested to become responsible for delivery, installation, commissioning and training through local authorized provider. The aim is to ensure appropriate installation, rapid onset of equipment functioning and improved local capacity to maintain and service the equipment.  

After concluding a global CCE tender mid 2017 and after processing the first 12-14 country specific service bundle tenders end 2017, initiatives have been taken to evaluate the CCEOP roll out with input from partners and Industry.  


The purpose of the consultation was to update the industry on latest CCE forecast and country specific tender calendars and to seek industry input on the strategic direction of the CCEOP. The consultation was also seen as an opportunity to discuss the use and integration of remote temperature monitoring devices (RTMDs) which represents a key CCEOP innovation driver. Hence, more specifically, the consultation addressed the below agenda points: 

1. Update industry on the CCE forecast (mainly SDDs and ILRs) including in the CCEOP context

2. Update and seek industry input on CCEOP evaluation and related proposed procurement process adjustments

3. Summary of PQS and TPP matters

4. Status and  exploratory discussion on the RTMD 

With the aim of ensuring equal treatment and transparency, the meeting offered an opportunity for update, dialogue and discussion as the CCEOP project is moving forward.  


Industry, UNICEF Programme Division and the following partners: the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF),  the World Health Organization (WHO), the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) and the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH). A total of 50 participants was registered for the meeting.

Please find the Agenda here

Please find the list of participants here


1. Gavi CCEOP update


3. Demand forecast & tender calendar

4. Deviation management & process adjustments

5. UN Supplier code of conduct

6. Remote temperature monitoring

7. Gavi IMPT Update


9. RTMD Tendering strategy




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