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Supplies and Logistics

UNICEF Pricing Data



UNICEF publishes pricing as part of its Influencing Markets strategy, and broader commitments to information and price transparency, recognizing that the free flow of information and correcting information asymmetry is critical to underpin an efficient market.

UNICEF procures over 3,000 different products in support of women and children. It does not at present publish pricing for all products purely for information sharing value. Rather, UNICEF publishes the historic, current, and future prices of a certain strategic subset of products it considers essential, namely for cold chain equipment (CCE), long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs), ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF), safe injection equipment (SIE), and vaccines. UNICEF considers these products as critical for some of its programmes, and for which UNICEF can leverage market influence to acquire better value for money and to impact programmatic effectiveness and efficiency.  UNICEF will gradually expand pricing publication to cover a wider range of products.

UNICEF Price Data Overview

Please note
UNICEF publishes prices based on it's mandate, commercial terms, and long standing relationship with industry. All prices are in US Dollars. Prices in Euro and other currencies are converted at the UN-official rate of exchange published by https://treasury.un.org

Prices posted for the period 2001-2003 are based on "CPT" Incoterms. For the period from 2004 to date, prices are based on "FCA" named place of delivery Incoterms. 

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