Report on expert meeting on ready-to-use therapeutic foods (RUTF)

Report on a two-day technical meeting to discuss quality standards, product specifications and evidence requirements for alternative recipes of RUTF.


The Technical Expert Meeting Report on RUTF is a summary of the proceedings of a consultation with experts convened by UNICEF in September 2019. The contributions provided by the expert group were for the purpose of progressing UNICEF’s support to programs for planning the introduction of new RUTF formulae.

This expert group considered new RUTF formulae that would enable the inclusion of more locally derived ingredients that are also cost effective, while also addressing the risks associated with introducing a new product to a malnourished population.

The Technical Expert Meeting report is not intended to be used as a normative instrument or standard. UNICEF is making this report publicly available as part of a package of resources available to facilitate market transparency.

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