Cold chain equipment industry consultation – March 2021


Information on the consultation on SDD (solar direct drive refrigerators and freezers) and ILR (mains-powered ice lined refrigerators and freezers) held by UNICEF in March 2021.

Around 70 participants from UNICEF, GAVI, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, PATH, WHO, and suppliers and manufacturers of SDD and ILR attended the consultation, where the upcoming bidding exercise was discussed with participants.

The purposes of the consultation were to:

  • update industry on the Gavi 5.0. and the COVID response development and related demand forecast.
  • outline plans for upcoming bidding exercise to establish Long Term Arrangements for supply of ILRs and SDDs during Q4/2021 – Q3/2025.
  • inform suppliers on technical specifications and commercial evaluation criteria.

See below the agenda of the meeting and download a document with all presentations held during the event.




Welcome and introduction Thomas Sorensen, UNICEF Supply Division (SD)

Gavi 4.0 and transitioning to Gavi 5.0

  • CCE related focus and funding envelopes
  • SDD/ILR Road Map including healthy market principles

Karuna Luthra, Gavi

SDD/ILR Projections

  • Forecast 2021 – 2025
  • Product category updates

Thomas Sorensen and
Jan Komrska, SD


UNICEF LTA framework general structure, technical & commercial aspects Jan Komrska, SD

WHO/PQS - Status, standards and requirements

Isaac Gobina, WHO

Technical considerations

  • Technical specs and tender requirements
  • VR bundling
  • TMD bundling
  • RTMD bundling
  • Mounting solutions   
Teshome Yemamu and
Jacobus Schoevers, SD

Commercial considerations

  • Warranty considerations
  • Standard discount structures
  • Reflections on firm contracting
  • Pipeline management
  • Timelines    
Gemma Ross-Udsen and
Jan Komrska, SD

Overview of CCE procurement in the COVAX context (2021)

Karuna Luthra, Gavi
Closing of meeting     Thomas Sorensen, SD

Download document

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